Pistachio Diary

Look at this smooth blowout!!!!

Wow!!!!! Not to mention the color is gorgeous!

The most perfect blunt bob!!!!!

Beautiful hair never stops here at Pistachio Cut and Color bar!!!

In Hot Heads we trust!!

Gorgeous extensions transformation!!!


Check out this beautiful balayaged hair color!!

We are open on Sundays!!!!!!!

Beautiful hair never stops here at Pistachio Cut and Color bar!!! Beautiful cut and color by our talented stylist Pearl!

She did the chop

Luscious long bob by our stylist Taryn!!!!!

Prom season is coming!!!

Call Pistachio today to book your appointments!!!!

We don't just do women's hair!!!

Seamless fade by RJ!!!!!

Our Holiday Party

So much fun tonight at our annual Pistachio Company Holiday party at Lucy's home. Such a fun night and so wonderful to be part of such a fabulous team.

A few photos........

From our Anniversary "Trashion" Fashion Show!!!

Bobs are IN!!!!!!!!!

Magnificent cut by Ali!!!!!

Curly hair don't care!!

Call Pistachio today for all your hair needs!!!!

Look at this astonishing before and after !!!!!

By one of our amazing talented stylists, Ali!!!!!!!!

Illuminate and frame the face with haircolor!!!!

Illuminate and frame the face with haircolor contouring using Aveda’s Eclipting color service, where an interplay of shadow and light is personalized.

While using makeup for contouring the face has been at the beauty forefront in highlighting and shadowing facial features, Aveda is now debuting its Eclipting color service in its Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection, Folklôr. Eclipting keeps hair darker around the face to create a frame, while a dusting off fine weave foils on top creates a seamless blend of color and style. Like an eclipse reframes the sun and the moon, the Eclipting haircolor technique uses Aveda haircolor to customize for any color, cut and lifestyle.

“Facial features are key considerations when it comes to haircolor,” says Ian Michael Black, Aveda global artistic director, hair color. “We’re using haircolor to create subtle shading placed under a fringe and around the face to gently contour the guest’s natural and distinct beauty. The result is customized haircolor that serves a purpose of emphasizing and celebrating the guest’s individual beauty.”

“Foklôr is the celebration of stories that are represented globally and translated down to a local level through folktales and a yearning to live life to the fullest,” says Antoinette Beenders, Aveda global creative director. “With modern cuts and colors to inspire, these looks are about being free and a student of culture with the desire to keep growing and exploring, while remaining mindful of our traditions of the past.”

The cuts of Folklôr feature a twist-and-cut technique that allows for silhouettes to have a more natural-looking appearance with chunkiness and texture. Sections are twisted as they’re cut, replicating the natural texture and free movement of traditional fibers and fabrics.

“Hair of today is all about a natural moveable texture with a bit of a raw edge,” says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda global artistic director, hair cutting. “With this twist-and-cut technique I twist sections before slide-cutting downward to enhance hair’s natural texture. It keeps the hair from looking overly polished.”

The makeup palette includes satiny sheens of textured gold and silver, and richly matted purples and greens.

“This collection is a gorgeous tapestry of texture and vivid hues with customized application,” says Janell Geason, Aveda global artistic director, makeup. “Folklôr tells the story of an artistic bohemian who’s lived a rich life and must pass on her wise stories as she travels throughout the world on her artistic journeys. This wisdom is seen through the eyes which are played up with texture and shades for looks that smolder.”
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Contemporary Bouffant!!!

Pre-set hair with a large barrel iron and Pure Abundance Hair Potion at the roots.

Cool hair to set and brush out with a wide tooth comb.

Spray Aveda Air Control over lengths of the hair.

Over-direct hair toward the center and back-brush the base to build the most height on the surface of the hair.

Direct hair loosely with a hairpin toward the crown of the head, secure with a sewing motion.

Release tendrils around the face.

Finish with Air Control.

Stylist Tip: Less is NOT more! When it comes to back-brushing mid-lengths and ends build maximum volume — it’s easier to smooth out than add more in already textured hair.

Pics courtesy of AmercianSalon.com
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Did You Know....

That Aveda's Full Spectrum Hair Color is up to 99% Naturally derived?!?!

Check out our Facebook for more fun facts!

Check This out!!!

Easy maintenance bob haircut by Pearl!!!

Feeling Dull?

This summer is upon us and with it, an opportunity for you to update your hair look. Nothing crazy. Just a little hair color refresh. As the heat and humidity take over you might want to consider something brighter! Lighter! Livelier!

Come talk to us about a new look before the summer is over!

* pics courtesy of Elle.com

Practice Safe Sun!

Sun, sand, and an ocean breeze make for a perfect summer day, but they also make a dry, tangled, brassy mess out of your hair. Call Pistachio and schedule your customized conditioning treatment for whatever need you might be struggling with this summer. Whether you need a treatment providing more moisturizing, frizz-fighting, or color-protecting. Aveda's line of treatments promise to keep your strands looking and feeling healthy.

Never Fear! Damage Remedy is here!

Get rid of damaged and unmanageable hair!!! Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair instantly repairs by 26%!!!!

Summer Tips and Tricks

Check out our Facebook for some Summer Tip and Tricks!!!!

How to style your hair this Summer!!

There’s nothing simpler and cleaner than putting your hair in a classic bun for the summer. Try a relaxed chignon for that cute effortless, casual look.

This summer bun is one of our favorites so you can be pool and barbecue-ready this weekend!

Tip: You can make it as exaggerated as you'd like, depending on how much you tease.

Loose bun (best for dry hair):

- Put hair in a high ponytail.

- Tease the ponytail.

- Gather hair and start wrapping around elastic and then pin in place.

Tight bun (best for wet hair):

- Put wet hair in a ponytail at the mid-head or at the low part of neck.

- Wrap wet hair around elastic.

- Pin into place.

*pic courtesy of prettydesigns
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

The Carlsbad City Library on Dove Lane reopened!!!

The Carlsbad City Library on Dove Lane reopened on Saturday, June 25, with a community appreciation event including a reopening ceremony, tours, live music, children’s activities and more. The 17-year old library reopened after a four-month renovation and modernization project. The improvements focused on transforming the library into a modern space that would better meet the community’s needs in an increasingly digital age.

We are excited to support this amazing library!
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut


Pistachio is now participating in Aveda's Pure Privilege reward program.


10 points for every $1 you spend on all product purchases at Pistachio redeemable for products and services.

Double points on your first purchase

A birthday gift plus a certificate for double points on your next Aveda product purchase

Exclusive offers, access to invitation-only events, and FREE sampling opportunities

Stop by Pistachio today for your your favorite hair products and you can earn points immediately!
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

We are now open until 8pm on Fridays!!

Yes, Today we are open until 8pm!

Call for your appointment.
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Here at Pistachio Cut & Color Bar......

......we will pass on the skills you need at home to be able to duplicate the look you leave us with so you NEVER feel like the picture below ...
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Continuing education is always happening at Pistachio!

The entire team just benefited from a Core Cutting Class with Aveda. Its always exciting to get better at what we are already good at and learn more efficient ways of working to achieve the exact look you want!
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Come by or Call Pistachio today!!

Come by or Call Pistachio today for your cool summer cut and amazing color! Check out these fun styles done by Caroline!
 AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Purple hair don't care!

Beautiful hair by Amanda!

Check out our Facebook for the full slow-mo video!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Dove library Re-opening!!!!

Dove Library Re-Opening Last Week in June!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

We celebrated Lucy's B-Day last week!

Fun at the salon for Lucy's B-day last week...

We loved making her feel like a Princess for the day!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Call us today!

Summer came quick! Call today for an appointment to get your hair prepped and ready for the new season!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Check out some beautiful before and after pics!!!!

Check out some beautiful before and after pics of amazing work by Casie!

Brunettes Blondes and Reds all welcome and equally cared for by our entire trained team.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pure Abundance!

Everyone meet Blyss. She's a stylist here at Pistachio and AVEDA Pure Abundance Style Prep is her STYLIST PICK OF THE WEEK. She love this because it works as a 3 in 1! Detangles, lifts the root, and thickens the ends! It's also light weight which we love!

Come by and pick up yours today!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Banging Bangs!

Baby bangs will help you relive your 90s grunge days. These bangs keep making their comeback throughout the years, and this year is no different. Unlike your standard fringe that covers your eyebrows, these sit in the middle of your forehead. These tend to grow out fast, so keep up with them by trimming every few weeks, or just let them grow into long bangs. Long bangs hit just below your eyebrows. These bangs look great, but they can be a little tricky to style in a way that is not outdated or just plain in your face. You can sweep them to the side or let them lay naturally on your face, but always make sure to blow-dry your bangs and not let them air dry!

pic courtesy of dailymakeover.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Welcome Rad!!!!!!

We welcome the newest member of our Pistachio family...Steve is the proud new daddy to baby Rad born Sunday evening!

Congrats to Steve and his family from all of us at Pistachio Cut and Color Bar!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Trendy Bobs!

If the warm weather is nudging you to make a drastic chop to your hair, go for a stylish bob. Choppy bobs are a popular take on your standard A-line bob. Stylists add dimension with layers and jagged ends to achieve a choppy and edgy look. The purpose of this kind of bob is to add texture to dull and flat hair. Adding in some highlights or lowlights also accelerate the trendiness of this cut. But if you are not feeling as adventurous, long bobs, or lobs, are also trendy this year. Unlike bobs, that typically lay above your shoulders, lobs usually lay right at your collarbone. This style is basically just shorter hair with long layers. These trendy haircuts look great either straight or loosely curled.

pic courtesy of www.therighthairstyles.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Summer Copper Realness!!!!

Before and after hair by Casie. Dimensional copper color! All Aveda Color!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Constant Education, Constant Growth

Pistachio is constantly focusing on continuing education for all stylists! Recently two of our Senior Stylists took an advanced blonding class with Aveda in Los Angeles and shared all that amazing with the rest of the Pistachio Team so our work is always on point!

#hairsalon #hair #haircolor #loveyourcolor #carlsbad #sandiego #hairstyle #autism #aveda
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Because it's Prom Season!

Don't be caught with hair envy, come get your hair done with us. (Hair by Casie using Aveda color and Aveda styling products used)
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New hair looks to try this Summer!!!!

According to Elle.com these are some new hair looks to try this Summer! Small changes, major impact.




AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

We welcome our newest neighbor!!!

Vitality Bowls to Carlsbad.

The cafe is expected to open this summer at Plaza Paseo Real.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Autism Cut-a-Thon 2016 was Awesome!

Thank you to everyone who supported Pistachio's efforts to raise money and awareness for Autism !!!! We had such a good time and are so very grateful to our clients and sponsors! Thank you Beach Plum Kitchen and La Costa Coffee Roasting for making our fundraiser so successful!!!! Our Raffle winner was so excited to get our phone call and schedule her free haircuts for the year. Congrats to her!

Thanks again for helping us just by being a part of our salon and our Annual Autism Awareness Cutathon event!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

What a Beautiful Haircut done by Casie!

This look was Styled with the following AVEDA products:

1. Smooth infusion style prep

2. Smooth infusion nourishing styling Cream

3. Confixor gel

Come by and pick up your Aveda Take Home products today
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Some beautiful hair done by Casie!

Stop by Pistachio Today!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Amazing Customized Color done by Caroline!

..."I love creating the exact color for Fashion tones using Aveda"...

Call or come in for a consultation on the perfect fashion color for you!!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

When it comes to hair color trends...

....There’s literally never a dull moment. From bronde to balayage, this past year so far we saw a fair share of amazing tones, but as we move into spring.... what will be next?

Trends can start with people on the street wearing an intriguing look that others want to replicate and other hair color trends are celebrity driven — a star can wear a new look and it will catch fire, influencing women and men alike nationwide to recreate the look as their own. Color trends can also begin on the runways at New York, London, Paris and Milan. These editorialized hairstyles provide inspiration and are interpreted in a wearable version for every day.

Whether you want a new look or just a slight update, these hair color trends 2016 are pegged as the next big thing.

Get ready to book your next appointment at Pistachio Cut & Color Bar and have fun!

pics courtesy of www.thefashionspot.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

March Madness means...


Check out this amazing color that Casie did...
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Beautiful Blond Dimensions

Spring is the time for the natural lighter tones to give you subtle dimension to your beautiful blond!!!

With botanical elements to keep your hair beautiful,soft and shiny!

We give every blonde a pop of life!!!

Just look at this this beautiful revitalized blonde by Lucy...
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Light the Way™ Earth Month 2016 Candle

With India-inspired aroma

Coming Soon ... The limited-edition Earth Month 2016 Light The Way™ soy wax candle aroma features certified organic ginger and ginger lily from Umbari, India, a village that has benefited from an Aveda sponsored water project and will raise almost $1.9M for Global Greengrants Fund water projects around the world. A single candle can lead to drinking water for 6 months for a family of 6 in India.* 100% of the Earth Month Candle proceeds will be donated to Global Greengrants Fund.**


Pure flower and plant aroma made with certified organic essential oils. Warm and spicy aroma with certified organic ginger and ginger lily. 100% of proceeds** will be donated to Global Greengrants Fund to support clean water projects around the globe.


The images on the unit carton were created by children living in the village of Umbari, India that benefited from Earth Month-funded water projects. The glass is made from 100% reclaimed beverage bottles. Because this reclaimed glass does not have to be crushed or remolded, far less energy is used to create the glass container. The unit carton is made from 70-90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) paperboard, with a portion made from Aveda make-ready materials. (Scrap that would normally go into the recycling stream)
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Beautiful copper color melt done by Aleta!

Stop by Pistachio today or call to book your hair appointment!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Don't forget .....

...To mark your calendars for our big Annual Autism Cutathon coming up Sunday April 17th!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Oscars Hair Achievements

Here at Pistachio we were in all anticipation of the beautiful Hair, Makeup and Fashion of this years Academy Awards don't get us wrong the hair and makeup at the Oscars is always good. There's always much to swoon over. But a little confession.... This is the one night of the year when our bar for beauty is set almost unfairly high. We don't just want to see the usual red-carpet prettiness and perfection. Our gut feeling, though, was that 2016 was going to be an on-point year we weren't wrong. Come along with us as we show our favorite hair and makeup looks of the 2016 Oscars red carpet!!!! They were all beautiful!!!!! Congrats to all the nominees and winners!!!!!!

Pictures courtesy of www.glamour.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Shift Your Shades!

Considering shifting shades? If you're making a drastic change in color or just a subtle one. We can help to find out which tones and shades you should toss and which will work wonders with your new hue. At Pistachio Cut & Color Bar we work together to make your hair beautiful and always allow you to try new things in a soft and subtle way....just look at Caroline's beautiful color transitions and work!!!!

Call us today for scheduling your hair color change!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Amazing Before and After work done by Blyss!!!!!

Amazing Creativity in Color and Fabulous Style in Cutting happens at Pistachio everyday!!! Come and join the family of GREAT hair!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Fun Colors!!!!!!

Here at Pistachio Cut & Color Bar we specialize in Aveda Color! We customize every color to your wants & needs!

Just look at the beautiful work Casie did last week!!!

Call us today to schedule your Custom Color today!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio Annual Cut-A-Thon - April 17, 2016

Mark Your Calendars!
The third annual Pistachio Autism Awareness Cut-A-Thon will be held on Sunday, April 17th between 11 AM and 2 PM.
All proceeds will benefit the Autism Society of San Diego with a minimum donation of $35 required for all haircut services. Space is limited and appointments are recommended by calling 760.230.4880.
So please be sure to get your haircut while supporting a good cause. Thank you!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Aveda's Shampure Dry Shampoo

Aveda's Shampure Dry Shampoo was a focus article in American Salon Magazine's weekly blog/email....check out what they had to say about this amazing new product and then stop in Pistachio and get your today!!!!!!


Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo is a 99.8% naturally derived 1 non-aerosol powder mist that instantly revives and refreshes hair, while rejuvenating your style.


Natural powders absorb excess oils and impurities lifting them away from the hair.


Aveda’s signature calming shampure aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences - including certified organic lavender, petit grain and ylang ylang, naturally refreshes hair in between washes.


Tip bottle upside down then turn the cap to expose nozzle. Hold bottle upright and lightly squeeze to puff powder at roots. Massage powder into scalp and restyle as desired.


Shampure Dry Shampoo is housed in a 2oz/60ml 25% post-consumer hdpe / 75% bioplastic 2 bottle with a pump. The innovative bottle features a non-aerosol “mist” delivery system that closely mimics an “aerosol”for an optimized guest experience.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Fantasy Color!

Before & after fantasy color done by Blyss using Aveda!!!!

Emerald green, with panels that blend down to blue, green, violet, and magenta.

This was so much fun for us to do and you to have and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

INTENSE and Refresh color by Blyss...

Call us for any touch up needs and a color pop to enhance your hair for the upcoming Spring season!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

An amazing Balyage highlight done by Blyss!

So pretty and natural looking!!!!

Call us today for a quote on customized highlights.... we are ready to meet your needs!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Amazing Transformation!

Creating Aveda fantasy brights are amazing for a fun-fresh look!!!!!!

Casie did this amazing color transformation!!!!!!

Call us for an appointment today for your fun colors!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Mark your calendars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pistachio Annual Cut-A-Thon - April 17, 2016 Mark Your Calendars!

The third annual Pistachio Autism Awareness Cut-A-Thon will be held on Sunday, April 17th between 11 AM and 2 PM.
All proceeds will benefit the Autism Society of San Diego with a minimum donation of $35 required for all haircut services. Space is limited and appointments are recommended by calling 760.230.4880.

So please be sure to get your haircut while supporting a good cause. Thank you!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Not this Sunday but........

Next Sunday is Valentine's Day !!!!!

So if you are struggling with the perfect gift for that special person then look no further, give the gift of beautiful hair ....stop in Pistachio Cut and Color Bar and pick up a gift certificate any day this week. We can help you customize the perfect set of services for that special person so they know how much you love them.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Like Copper?

Aveda can do amazing Copper and Ginger tones....come by and brighten and refresh your red today!

Below is beautiful work done by Ali!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut


Follow this amazing step by step put together by the Aveda team!!!

Stop by Pistachio for your haircut and style today!!!!

1. Exfoliate your scalp once a week with Aveda Men Pure-FormanceTM Exfoliating Shampoo. Shampoo and condition scalp every day with Aveda Men Pure-FormanceTM Shampoo and Aveda Men Pure-FormanceTM Conditioner.

2. Prep: Towel-dry hair, leaving in some moisture. If hair is too dry, it's difficult to apply styling products evenly. If the hair is too wet, it dilutes the product and compromises performance.

3. Style: Emulsify a small amount of Pure-FormanceTM Pomade between the palms of your hands. Massage into the hair from roots-to-ends, starting in the back where it's thickest. Stroke and shape the hair with your hands until you get the defined shape you want.

Let air dry.

4. Finish: To finish your ritual, use Aveda Men Pure-FormanceTM Aroma Spray, with certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver and lavender. Mist it on or spray a little on your chest or forearms.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Discover LOVE Body Oil

LOVE is a sensual blend of nourishing oils, this certified organic* aromatic composition oil for body, bath, hair and scalp is a tribute to Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda, and contains ingredients sourced with the same deep love and respect he had for the Earth. Pick up yours at Pistachio today!!!!

Aveda donates $4 of every purchase to the National Audubon Society for projects that fight climate change. Learn more here

Helps restore moisture and delivers instant radiance

Helps seal in moisture to leave skin feeling soft and supple

Sensual aroma with Australian sandalwood, certified organic jasmine, vetiver and frankincense

LOVE is Excellent as an all-over body, bath, hair and scalp oil.

Add a few drops of nourishing oil to running bath water and enjoy the aroma as it fills the space around you. After shower or bath, apply a few drops of aveda love™ composition oil to damp skin to seal in moisture. Massage in at the end of the day to soften dry skin and feel the love.

Apply to dry hair to add sensual aroma

*Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Practice Makes Perfect!

Check out this amazing before and after pic that Lucy did!!! She did amazing demonstration for our team in a continuing education class this past week!!! We have advanced classes on a regular basis to keep our skills sharp and to stay current on the latest trends. We strive to ALL be on the same page to support each other as a team and keep consistency in the services we provide!!! So be assured we work hard to make sure no matter who you see at Pistachio for your hair needs is equally trained.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut


Look at the amazing color transformation that Blyss did on this Pistachio guest just the other day!!!!

Come by and get a complimentary consultation with a Pistachio stylist to see what amazing changes we can do for you!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Golden Globe Hair Secrets Revealed!

2016 Golden Globe winner, Lady Gaga, looked stunning with an old Hollywood glamour look on the red carpet of this year's Golden Globe Awards. AVEDA shares how to get Lady Gaga’s red carpet look.

1. Start with clean towel dried hair. First apply Smooth Infusion style prep smoother from root to tip and comb through for even distribution.

2. Next, spray Aveda's volumizing tonic at the roots to create big voluminous hair.

3. Then, apply Confixor from your tips to roots and comb through for even distribution.

4. Next, section the hair for blow drying. Using a medium round brush, drying with an up and around movement to get full volume.

5. Using a 1-inch curling iron, take 1-inch sections of hair and curl the hair all back and away from the face. Take a velcro roller and set each curl after you curl only using medium to small curlers. Allow rollers to set and cool. After, 15-20 minutes remove curlers.

6. To finish, brush the hair out with a sable bristle brush. Use Aveda's Air Control hair spray to keep your waves and curls in place but still maintain a soft bouncy look.

picture courtesy of www.usmagazine.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Dry Remedy - Hydrates, Softens and Smells Amazing!!!

According to Marie Claire magazine...the "Hair Masks to Moisturize Your Mane This Winter".... Aveda Remedy Treatment Mask is on the top list and this is what they said....

"Not only does this mask hydrate and soften, but it also smells amazing and comes in a tube, which is much easier to maneuver in a shower than product that comes in a tub.

Come in today and pick up one today!

Go to http://www.marieclaire.com/beauty/g3386/hair-moisturizer to see the complete article!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New Hair for the New Year!!!

There's something about entering a new year that makes us want to run in and see a hairstylist needing a new look. After the confetti falls, the ball drops, and every last bit of Champagne has been downed, one major question always seems to appear in our heads: "What haircut and color will help me take on the new year with a brand new attitude for success?"

Texture ....

Everyone's texture has the potential to look stellar! You just need the right cut and tools and the lesson on how to recreate it at home!!

Short Hair ....

Short hair is poised to have a major moment in 2016!

Geometric Hair ...

Geometric shape haircuts are big this year with proponent of bold shapes and eccentric lines. While a triangular shape may be something we're typically told to stay away from, these eye-catching contours are clutch for women with natural-textured hair!


Big blunt bangs as one of the major trends for next year.

Happy 2016!!!!

Pictures courtesy of www.short-haircut.com, lavenderhair.wordpress.com,
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Want Vibrant colors for the New Year???

Then come see us at Pistachio!

Here at Aveda we have all the fun fantasy colors you could want for your hair and the ability to customize it perfectly to match your vision as well as being super gentle!

Check out this amazing color done by Casie!

Call today for an amazing new color for 2016 ...

Happy New Year!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Give Beauty, Get Beauty!

Pistachio Cut & Color Bar is happy to offer Gift Certificates* for purchases of our eclectic fashion boutique merchandise, essential AVEDA hair products and hair services! Get Your's Today!

Take care of others this holiday season and get something back in return! Get a $10 gift certificate with the purchase of a gift certificate worth $100 or more. It's our way of paying it forward.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Anniversary Day Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us on our Special Anniversary day!!! We hope you had as much fun as we did and we look forward to another amazing year ahead!!!

The Pistachio Team
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Join Us!

Pistachio's One Year Anniversary Celebration is this Saturday, December 12th between 10 AM - 4 PM. We look forwarding to seeing you!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Check out our amazing new boutique items!

And....all our amazing AVEDA gift boxes...perfect for that perfect last minute holiday gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come by this Saturday, December 12 for amazing deals!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Come to Pistachio and Omni on the same day!!!

Saturday 12/12/15 is our 1 year anniversary special event and

....At the OMNI....


Check out the Event Calendar - Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce for details of Omni: https://www.carlsbad.org/Events-Calendar-Detail.aspx
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

One Year Anniversary Specials!

Check out the incredible savings you can gift yourself or the loved ones on your list that will keep on giving all year!!!!!

Stop by this Saturday and enjoy the day and join the fun!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Holiday Thank You Gift!

As a thank you all our loyal Pistachio guests, this month when you come in for your service, you will receive a $30 Complimentary Gift to use on your next visit in the new year!

Happy Holidays from our entire team !!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Visit Plaza Paseo Real!


If you misplaced your holiday mailer from Plaza Paseo Real Shopping Center then you go to the link on there website to find out whats specials you can benefit from and print it out at home!!!

Check it out and learn what is by us when you are getting your hair done!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Don't Forget...Save the Date!!!!

Stop by on Saturday December 12th for our 1 year Anniversary party!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Twins Day once again...

Unplanned and a fun surprise for Lucy and her first Client this morning!!!!

By the way...that Fashion they are both wearing is from the Pistachio Boutique and the Hair by Pistachio hair Team!!!!

So come by for a great new look today!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Tis' the Season!!!

We are ready for ALL your holiday hair needs...

with a few added touches to the salon!

Come and enjoy the fun with us this season!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Carlsbad Holiday Concert Series!!!

Our amazing Carlsbad Library Starts its Holiday Concert Series

Dean Ratzman performs tomorrow, December 3.

‘Tis the season for some great music. We are hosting three holiday concerts this month. The first show stars Dean Ratzman performing hits from 40s swing to rock.

Check out the schedule at http://www.carlsbadlibrary.org/

What a fun way to enjoy the holiday season and support our community this year!!!!! Hope to see you there!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Spectacular Extensions!

Check out Casie's before and after pic of an amazing transformation using hair extensions!!! If your hair is lacking some fullness or you just want it a little longer or BOTH, then come on in for a free extension consultation.

A member of our professional and well trained team will walk you through all the information you need to educate you properly on extensions and see if its the right fit for you and we will color match you and custom order the perfect hair to make your holiday hair spectacular!

Call or Come by today!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Anniversary Celebration!!!!!!

Saturday, December 12 from 10-4

Come and celebrate our one year Anniversary as Pistachio Cut &

Color Bar, An AVEDA Salon. This past year, we have accomplished

many milestones and owe our great success to our loyal clients, dedicated

staff and great support from AVEDA.

In celebration, Pistachio Cut & Color Bar will be hosting a day of beauty

with specials designed for everyone!!!! Check out what we are doing:

• Color Package ~ Haircut Package ~ Up to $55 OFF

• “Create Your Own” gifts by AVEDA starting at $17

• Boutique Discounts…and much more

• Special gifts with any purchase of $50 or more

• 2% of all sales will be donated to help raise awareness and assist

families effected by Autism

• Delicious Food & Snacks for your enjoyment

2% of all shampoo and conditioner sales will be donated to help raise awareness and assist families affected by Autism!!!

Please join us!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Give a gift of renewal!!!

For anyone who might love 3 different aromas of Aveda's amazing hand creams!!!!

$1 goes to Nepal earthquake relief with the purchase of this gift set* of travel-size moisturizing hand cremes plus a little night renewal for the road.

What you get in this holiday incredible gift set!!!!

~travel-size hand relief™ moisturizing creme in shampure™ aroma 40 ml

~travel-size hand relief™ moisturizing creme in rosemary mint aroma 40 ml

~travel-size hand relief™ moisturizing creme in beautifying aroma 40 ml

~hand relief™ night renewal serum 3ml

Our gift sets come pre-wrapped and ready for giving in hand-crafted lokta bark paper from Nepal!!!!

COME by Pistachio today to pick up your holiday gift set of Renewl!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Give a gift to make her smile this holiday season!!!!

Get an amazing pair of nourishing glazes in this season’s limited-edition, holiday colors--sized just right for her holiday party clutch.

You get 2 nourish-mint™ rehydrating mini lip glazes: golden lily and holly berry 2.5ml each

Our gift sets come pre-wrapped and ready for giving in hand-crafted lokta bark paper from Nepal.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Give a gift of comfort and light to someone special this year!!!

This Soy wax candle by Aveda comforts the senses with a warm and spicy aroma.

You will enjoy the comforting spicy aroma of certified organic ginger and ginger lily and it will burn 50+ hours..

Our gift sets come pre-wrapped and ready for giving in hand-crafted lokta bark paper from Nepal.

Pick up yours today from Pistachio Cut & Color Bar!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Amazing AVEDA Holiday Gift Sets!

Our gift sets come pre-wrapped and ready for giving in hand-crafted lokta bark paper from Nepal.

The green paper on our gift sets? It's handcrafted and employs 5,500* people in Nepal - helping to change lives. Mothers can send their children to school and become providers with their income. Fathers who had to leave for work can now find it in their communities. Our Certified Wildlife Friendly® paper helps protect animals' habitats, too.

NOW THAT'S A REASON FOR JOY smile emoticon

Now available at Pistachio Cut & Color Bar!

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Fun & Fashionable Color

Check out this fun and vibrant color that Casie did using only Aveda color!!! I am sure you know that Aveda is safe and environmentally friendly...but did you realize that Aveda's color technology can produce some of the most fun and fashionable colors that are so popular right now!!!!
Come in for a consultation and pick the fun color you love the most for your hair!!!
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#hairstyles #autism
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Cut & Color Packages

Save Money and Treat Yourself this Holiday Season!
During a time of year that most people are trying save some extra money because of travel, parties and gift giving...its nice to know that we at Pistachio have your back!!!!

Don't neglect yourself during this time of year and make sure to save some money while being good to yourself!
Come by and Check out some of our amazing color packages...
~No More Roots

~The Color Palette

~Grey Away


& 2 Blow Dry Packages
You can also gift them!!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Stop by Pistachio Cut & Color Bar this holiday season

Stop by Pistachio Cut & Color Bar this holiday season and pick up the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person!!!!

This year only Pistachio is offering you ....

Purchase $100 gift certificate and receive an additional $15 credit


Purchase $200 gift certificate and receive an additional $30 credit

~good for services or retail!!!!

We are so excited for this offer, so just stop by to pick up your Holiday Gift Certificates today

pictures courtesy of www.desmondhotelsalbany.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

What Changes Our Hair Texture...

No one is exempt from a bad hair day and for all your efforts, it may not even be within your control. Whether you’ve got virgin hair or it’s been chemically processed to death, your mane is guaranteed to change its texture—be it from straight to wavy to curly or the other way around—as many as seven times throughout your life....

Hormones. This is probably the #1 culprit people point their fingers at for any hair woes—and for good reason. If you notice any drastic changes, you might want to see a doctor.

Health & Diet. A poor diet does a lot more than just go to your gut—it affects your skin and hair, too. To be its healthiest, your mane needs zinc, biotin, iron, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids found in hair-friendly foods including salmon, dark leafy greens like spinach and kale, eggs, avocados, and oysters.

Aging. This one shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as we’re familiar with aging’s affects on our skin. As we grow older, the oil glands on our scalp produce less sebum, resulting in coarser-feeling hair. And once you hit your forties, you can pretty much expect your mane to appear thinner and less voluminous.

Medication. Anything you put in your body has an impact on how it operates, but that’s especially true for medication—even commonly used ones like painkillers, acne treatments, beta blockers, and prescriptions for depression and blood pressure.

Chemical Treatments. Unlike the aforementioned causes, you have the most control over this one—but be warned that even standard chemical treatments such as bleaching, coloring, and perming come with unanticipated side effects. Chemical color treatments can vastly change your hair’s structure since anything that opens the hair cuticle without resealing it leaves your texture susceptible to change. A finishing glaze or gloss treatment can help with that last step, as well as using frizz-fighting hair products with silicone.

Read more: http://stylecaster.com

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Transformation Tuesday!!!!

Check out Aleta's amazing refresher for fun vibrant violet-reds!!!

Come by today and refresh your color..
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Now that Halloween is over...

The family and work holiday get-togethers are going to begin!!!! If this time of year is stressful then make sure it have a plan of action for your self care!!!!

Below are 5 things you can do to cope during the holidays....

Make sure to stop by Pistachio Cut and Color bar so we can help you feel better about your hair....when your hair looks good everything feels better!!!!

...also check out Stress-Fix by Aveda....

~Positive self-talk. The narrative in your head can aggravate or even initiate stress. Replace thoughts of, “I can’t do this” or, “This always happens to me” with, “I’ll try my best” and, “Things will work out.”

~Emergency stress-stoppers. Sometimes you need a quick save! Break a negative pattern or avoid making a small situation worse by counting to 10 before you speak, walking away from the negativity, going out for fresh air, getting into the slow lane while driving or tackling one little piece of an overwhelming project. If being late stresses you out, set your watch 10 minutes ahead—and don’t look at your phone!

~Enjoyable activities. Although it’s great if you love doing something physical, such as taking a bike ride or going on a hike or even getting your hair done, for you the joy might be found in reading a book, cooking, painting, hanging out with friends or listening to music.

~Daily relaxation. Practice deep breathing and positive visualization and engage in meditation or yoga.

Be safe these next 2 months and take care of you!!!!

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Attention Hair Stylists: Join The Pistachio Team!

The new Pistachio Cut & Color Bar is a very busy salon catering to a high-end clientele. We're located in the heart of Carlsbad next to the renowned Carlsbad Dove Library, Cinepolis Cinemas and many more popular shops at Plaza Paseo Real shopping center in the Aviara neighborhood.
At Pistachio, you can expect to get hands-on AVEDA experience with professional stylists, in house extended education classes, and expert support to help you reach your goals. Our programs are designed to help you gain experience, grow in confidence, and become a fully commissioned stylist quickly. Experience the Pistachio Difference:
An AVEDA Career Opportunity

• Exclusive AVEDA Products

• Exclusive AVEDA Color

• Advanced AVEDA Education

• Become an Educational Director
Complete Team Support

• Professional Front Desk Staff

• Flexible Schedule

• All Supplies Included

• Assistant Support

• Social Media Marketing Promotions

• Participate in Fundraisers for Special Needs Benefits

• Opportunity to Participate in Photo Shoots

• Join our Beauty School Talent Team
Compensation Benefits

• Guaranteed Income

• Competitive Commission Schedule

• Generous Retail Bonus

• Paid Sick-Time Off

• Earn Special Contest Rewards

• Discounts on beauty and boutique merchandise

• Excellent Growth Opportunities
The ideal candidate is a team player with a California cosmetology license and some experience working in a commission only salon. This person holds honesty, integrity and excellence as top priorities. AVEDA training and product knowledge with proven retail sales experience is highly desired. Must have reliable transportation and be available to work weekends.
Take the first step toward the top - Apply Today!
Company tours are offered every Monday morning. Reply to this ad to schedule to schedule your tour ASAP!
Read our 5 Star reviews on Google+:
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Aveda's Smooth Infusion!!

Aveda's Smooth Infusion can transform your texture from, dry, unruly, and frizzy, to smooth, manageable and shiny! Come in for a shampoo blow dry and experience a transformation!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Halloween is on a Saturday this year!

Hurry and book your appointment for a special style or up do. This client had long hair and we achieved a vintage faux Bob with pin curls. No matter what the costume, our creative team will recommended the perfect look for you...even if its an offbeat design!!!!!

Book your Halloween service today with any of our amazing stylists!!!

....more fun work by Tatiana!!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Perfect Extensions!

This is our amazing HALO extensions. Our beautiful client has shoulder length hair and wanted long locks for her wedding so Pamela matched her hair perfectly to this Halo Couture Hair Extension.

Come in for a free consultation!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Beachy Waves are in!!!!!

Lucy Loves creating soft beachy waves for her clients and has created a quick how to for everyone!!!

...So to create soft beachy waves by misting dry hair with Aveda's Be Curly Curl Enhancing spray and creating vertical spiral curls by sectioning hair and using a 1 inch rod curling iron...Omit the top section for a more modern look and tousle the curls with your fingers. For a softer style use your blow dryer on a low and use Aveda's Air Control Hairspray for a light hold that will last all day....

*pictures courtesy of Seventeen Magazine
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut


Celebrities switch their looks ALL THE TIME!!

Casie says. " Halle Berry is my favorite for hair trade ups from the past few years. "

Tell is in the Comments who your favorites are.....

Casie gave a few tips to achieve these looks once you have come in for a great haircut!!!!!

styling the PIXIE-

start with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner.

towel dry hair- apply Smooth Infusion style prep, Brilliant universal styling creme

blow-dry with fingers

finish with Light Elements Styling Whip to give it a piecey texture

styling the LONG LAYERS -

start with a great shampoo and conditioner... Brilliant shampoo and conditioner

towel dry and apply Smooth Infusion style prep, Smooth Infusion Glossing Straighter

start the blow-dry until about 85% dry and then use a middle size round brush to smooth the hair.

finish with Brilliant smoothing fluid
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

BOUNCY "Thoroughbred' tail LOOK....

Lets face it...we live in Southern California and casual is always in style no matter what you are doing.... so for those of us that are still with longer hair its always a challenge to find a fun style that can help keep our necks cool...Caroline found this higher placed bouncy thoroughbred tail comes in very handy and is easy and to do!!!!!!

The last person that created a ponytail this perfect was a toy designer at Mattel on a Barbie Doll !!!!!

To get a similar effect in real life Caroline found the this technique below works quite well for most hair textures!!!!

After you have washed and conditioned your hair with the Aveda Collection of your choice, spray some Aveda Volumizing Tonic on damp hair, rough-dry it, and then curl your entire head with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron. After apply Pure Abundance Hair Potion Volumizing through your roots and back-comb them, then pulled all the hair into a ponytail at the back of the head. To get the lifted tail, grab each side of the ponytail and pull them apart to tighten the elastic, then tease the underlayers.

Finish the look with Air Control Hair Spray (quick tip - hold the can 6-8 inches from dry hair, directed away from eyes, and spray in short bursts) Layer this product to build more hold & this look will stay all day!!!!

Picture Couretesy of www.allure.com & www.thehairstyler.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

2% Autism Pledge!!

To help raise awareness and assist families affected by the autism epidemic, Pistachio pledges to donate two percent of every shampoo and conditioner sale to the Autism Society of San Diego on a continuing basis.

We are so excited to participate in this movement to assist families, donate money and raise awareness for autism in San Diego!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

So come on in and get your Limited-Edition Hand Relief moisturizing creme today!!!!

It has the calming Shampure aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences and intensely moisturizes and softens dry hands!


$4 U.S. of purchase price supports cruelty-free research through The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®!!!!

*Maximum donation of $314,000 U.S. to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® to support research focusing on environmental and life style factors that possibly affect risk of breast cancer. Donations from Aveda will not support research involving animals.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Instantly revive your hair!!!

Instantly revive your hair and senses with Aveda's new Dry shampoo. We are all super excited about this!!!!!
Its Non-aerosol powder mist absorbs excess oil between shampoos and is has the calming Shampure aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences which is 99.8% naturally derived!!!!
Helps extend a great blow dry, revive hair after a workout, refresh hair while traveling, and transform hair before a night out.
Stop on by to try this new product and we will teach you exactly how to use it!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pumpkin Spice Beauty!

Pumpkin Spice Beauty!

Get your red violets, gold rose and pumpkin spice copper color at Pistachio. Come spice up your color with fall tones...and see how creative AVEDA color can be!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

October is breast cancer awareness month!!

October is breast cancer awareness month....Pistachio Cut and Color Bar is so excited to announce that Aveda is donating $4 from the sale of each limited edition Hand Relief Moisturizing Cream with Shampure aroma to "The Breast Cancer Research Foundation" (BCRF) for Cruelty-free Research!!!!!

This Intense moisture therapy soothes seriously dry hands-leaving them noticeably softer and smoother. Andiroba oil and other plant hydrators protect skin’s moisture barrier, helping seal in softness through three hand washes... and now you can do even more than take care of your hands, You can help explore the environmental causes and links to breast cancer....Since 2001, Aveda has donated over $3.4 M to BCRF to help find a cure that does not involve animal research!!!!!

Come by in October and pick up your hand cream and help find a cure!!!!

Its a WIN-WIN for us all!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

!!!!!!!!No More Roots Package!!!!!!!!!!!

If you need to get your roots touched up every few weeks, get the "No More Roots" package today and save $25. For $195 the package includes two root touch ups, one haircut and style and one customized conditioner (maximum of 1/2 inch new growth). Good for a savings of $25.

Good until three months after date of purchase
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Your Invati Journey!!

What could be more beautiful than your...

Your Invati Journey was developed by beauty and lifestyle experts to support your journey to thicker, fuller hair. But this holistic approach—offering nutrition and stress-management advice alongside hair styling, cut and coloring tips—may well improve other parts of your life too. It’s like having a dedicated team of salon and spa professionals at your fingertips, 24-hours a day. EXPERIENCE Aveda APPS today!!!!




Invati Exfoliating Shampoo

cleanses and renews the scalp.


Invati Thickening Conditioner

helps weightlessly thicken hair from within.


Invati Scalp Revitalizer

helps you keep the hair you have longer.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Whooo Hooo!!!!!!!

Coming Soon.....

Aveda's very own Shampure Dry Shampoo is hitting the shelves at Pistachio cut and color bar!

We have been waiting so long for a naturally derived dry shampoo from Aveda – it’s finally on its way and will arrive soon! We will be starting our pre-orders so we can ensure you get the first chance at this amazing new product.

It’s 99.8% naturally derived and has a calming aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences. It instantly revives your hair with a non-aerosol powder mist that absorbs excess oil between shampoos. With powders from cassava and oat, excess oils and impurities are lifted from the hair, saving time and water.

Check out below how it works and come on in and talk to one of our Aveda Specialists about pre-ordering yours today!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Love the BOB!

Luminous skin and short hair ruled the 2015 Emmys Red Carpet — and bobs of all shapes, sizes and textures were spotted on various celebrities throughout the night. It was the biggest night in TV and stars stunned on the red carpet.

Caroline raves that BOBS are one of her all time favorite haircuts to do and picked a few of her red carpet favs....Which one was your favorite???

*pictures courtesy of modernsalon.com/

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New Fall Hair Looks - Sublime Spirit!

One of our favorite things about September is the fashion and beauty magazines brim full of fall must-have looks. And this month AVEDA is honored to be a part of that excitement as our autumn 2015 collection Sublime Spirit is the cover story of American Salon’s September issue.

The article highlights numerous looks from the collection, including one we’re certain will be a favorite this season...a sleek and voluptuous look!!!

We are so excited about these amazing looks of the upcoming season...take a look!!!!

Make an appointment today for a free hair consultation at Pistachio: 760.230.4880

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hand relief!

Cassie states...:This is the most amazing hand creme ever made."

Offers Intense moisture therapy and soothes seriously dry hands-leaving them noticeably softer and smoother. Andiroba oil and other plant hydrators protect skin’s moisture barrier, helping seal in softness through three hand washes.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Super Modern Ponytails!!

All over the runways were seeing super easy ponytails that are super modern. You can dress up or go casual with these looks.

Products needed:

• Aveda's Thickening Tonic

• Aveda's Air Control

• Aveda's Brilliant Spray-on Shine

• Round brush

• Elastic

• Flat iron

Get The Look:

Step 1: towel dry hair with Thickening Tonic, spray from roots to ends in sections. Comb through.

Step 2: blow dry hair with a round brush, using nozzle to direct air down each section

Step 3: brush hair away from the face nearly towards the nape of the neck

Step 4: once hair is dry, pull hair into a low ponytail using an elastic to secure hold and spray lightly with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray

Step 5: flat iron the ends of the ponytail so that it is perfectly straight. Pull strands out along the hairline to create the messy texture.

Step 6: finish style with Aveda Brilliant Spray-on Shine

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hairdressers are Passionate about What They Stand For!

Modern Salon's September Healthy Hairdresser Challenge is going strong! Many stylists are sharing “what they stand for” as a salon professional... And Pistachio Cut and Color Bar is thrilled to show that our very own stylist Caroline was posted in this months issue...

"although there are many things that I stand for when a guest is in my chair one of my top priorities is .... The importance of CUSTOMIZING the cut and color for everyone."—Caroline M.

Check out more at www.modernsalon.com

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Today is the Day to Give BIG!

The day is finally here! Now is your chance to help individuals and families living with autism by supporting The Big Give for Autism, sponsored by the Autism Society San Diego.

Get started now with The Big Give for Autism and don't forget to spread the word using the hashtag: ‪#‎AutismBigGive‬.

Your tax-deductible donation in any amount helps provide programs and support here in San Diego County. Thank you!

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Amazing Keratin Blowout!

Chelsea & Ali had so much fun doing this amazing keratin blowout last week.... check out these before and after pics!!!!

This products restores and protects, maintaining hair's natural properties by creating a shield over each strand and restoring it from the inside out; while protecting against harmful UV rays, pollutants, chemical treatments and the rigors of daily shampooing and styling. This hair taming treatment can be used on all hair types to reduce frizz with maximum curl reduction while adding shine and leaving the hair more manageable.

It can be applied on previously chemically treated hair such as; color, lightening, Japanese straightening or relaxed hair. Applications on virgin hair types will see improved results after each application.

Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if this is right for you and finally get your hair tamed !!!!

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Quick Makeup Tips!

Fall is time to fall in love even more with AVEDA.... when you enhance your beautiful hair with some amazing makeup!!!!!

Casie's Quick Makeup Quick tips:

1. For a radiant complexion apply

Inner Light mineral tinted moisture

And Inner Light concealer where needed.

Set with Inner Light Mineral Loose Powder

2. Lips:

Apply Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color for a nice sheen in

any color you choose

3: Cheeks

Apply petal essence face accents along the cheek bones

After you come to Pistachio Cut & Color Bar for beautiful hair, go to aveda.com and check out some amazing makeup for a completed and refined look!!!!

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Let your friends know!!

Let your friends know ~who have never experienced the Pistachio difference~ about our current special that ends in a few weeks....



Special Offer

• $45 Women’s Haircut • $99 Haircut + Color Touch-up

• $120 Haircut + Highlights • $25 Men’s Grooming Service

Plus Three Complementary Follow-up Treatments!

Monday-Tuesday pricing for one-time use only by new clients.

Certain restrictions apply. Expires September 30, 2015

Call today and book your next appointment!

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Loyalty has its Rewards!!!!!!!

As a big “Thank you” to our loyal customers and first time visitors alike, we’re happy to announce Pistachio’s Loyalty Rewards program.

It’s Simple. Stop into the Pistachio and purchase any hair service, hair product or boutique merchandise. You'll be rewarded for every dollar spent. Every single time. Plus, you’ll earn points on special occasions and lots more!!!

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Beating the Heat!!!!

These San Diego heat waves have affected haircut decisions all summer and we're in for a hot Labor Day weekend!

Come see us at Pistachio Cut & Color Bar where we are trained in precision cutting and custom color. If you're looking for a new style, our team of professionals will recommend the perfect shape and color for you!

~Check out Tatiana's amazing before and after cut helping a client have a gorgeous style while beating the North County heat!!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Our 4-step curl perfecting system dramatically reduces frizz and defines curl

Our 4-step curl perfecting system dramatically reduces frizz and defines curl...works great on men as well as women!!!!!

• Be Curly Shampoo

• Be Curly Conditioner

• Be Curly Style-Prep

• Be Curly Curl Enhancer

Pick up your set today!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Aveda's Sun Care Line

We know that summer is technically over but we live in SoCal and its a lot like summer all year long!

We can NOT forget to protect our hair (and skin), from the sun.

Aveda's Sun Care Line is perfect for that. Cassie, one of our amazing stylists, recommends to use these products any time you are in the sun....

~Aveda's Hair and Body Cleanser : used to gently remove chlorine, salt, and product buildup while keeping the hair moisturized

~Aveda's After Sun Hair Masque:

Moisturizes and revives sun-exposed hair.

~Aveda's Sun Care Protective Hair Veil:

Helps protect hair from the sun for up to 16 hours!! Minimizes color fading, damage and dryness.

Stop by Pistachio and pick up yours today!!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Aveda's Color Conserve Daily Protect

Aleta loves to use and recommend Aveda's Color Conserve Daily Protect for all her color clients. It helps preserve hair color for up to 6 weeks, keeping it looking like new, longer and its not heavy on your hair. The 93% naturally derived leave-in treatment triple-protects your hair color with our powerfully effective, botanically-based color conserve complex.

~To use properly all you need to do is work a small amount of product in hands, apply through damp hair and comb to distribute and then style as desired!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Does your hair feel rough and dry??

Does your hair feel rough and dry, even when it’s wet? Is it hard to comb? Is it dull and lifeless? Does your professional color fade quickly or become brassy? Hard water is so hard on hair... San Diego has some of the hardest water in the nation and if you swim your dealing with even more deterioration.

Check out some of the benefits these treatments provide....

~Softens the effects of hard water that help hair go from dull to brilliant.

~Detoxes your hair by removing the minerals that have deposited themselves on each strand.

~Draws out even hard-to-budge hard water mineral deposits.

~Prevents future deposits of malicious minerals while removing discoloration and brassiness caused by iron or copper.

~Infuses moisture, shine and manageability.

Purified hair means natural hair, so you will get better results with any chemical service including color, highlights, perms, and keratin treatments.

As a result of regular treatments your color will stay more vibrant, hair will be more manageable and full, silky, easy to comb, have dazzling shine!!!!

Come by Pistachio Cut and Color Bar today for special professional treatments to help get rid of hard water effects and make your hair happy!!!!!!!

* picture courtesy of www.loxabeauty.com
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hottest Hair Colors for this Fall !!!!!

Here are a few of the top color trends for the upcoming season according to the September issue of Marie Claire.


While bronde is a serious contender for the most-talked-about hue of summer, this low-maintenance, soft blend of blonde and brunette is primed to be huge for fall.

~Single-Process Brunette....

Even with the seemingly endless list of color techniques that exist today, stars won't soon forget the power of a singe-process dye job—particularly in a blackish-brunette hue

~Burnt Auburn....

Auburn hues are always a shoe-in for fall, but this season, due in large part to moody, coppery curls, a darker, more dramatic approach is the way to go.

~Candy Dip-Dye...

*All* the stars are going pink... Both sweet and a little punk rock, pastel dip-dyes will be an unexpected pop of pastel during the colder months.

Stop by Pistachio Cut and Color Bar for a free color consultation today and let us help you transform your hair.

* photos courtesy of colourssalon.com, marieclaire.com, www.naturallhaircare.info, www.fashionmio.com

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

What's in your hair color?

If you care about your hair as well as the environment you will want to check out what company is at the top of the professional color lines. No surprises, its AVEDA! They were environmentally friendly before it was cool!!!!!!

Aveda full spectrum™ hair color is up to 99% naturally derived* using plant power instead of petrochemicals for amazing color that you can feel good about.

Aveda is proud to be the first beauty company manufacturing products with 100% certified wind power.**

Created at Aveda's botanical laboratory on the 58-acre Certified Wildlife Habitat™ in Blaine, Minnesota.

With conditioning certified organic botanical oils - sunflower, castor and jojoba - instead of petrochemicals, to support organic farming which follows strict standards of agriculture that are better for the Earth.

Aveda's purchase of organic babassu oil, which is in full spectrum permanent hair color, processed from nuts gathered by the women of Maranhao in Brazil helps them to support their families, strengthening local communities. It also helps protect the intricate ecosystems of the rainforest as part of the first against climate change.

~Full spectrum hair color cartons are made from 100% recycled fiber, including 77% post-consumer recycled, Forest Stewardship Council™-certified fiber.

~Aveda's tube caps are made of 100% recycled material – including, where possible, plastic sourced through the national cap collection program that Aveda founded. This program has kept over a half million pounds of caps out of landfills so far.

~Formulated without nitro dyes, parabens and animal-derived ingredients.

~Non-drying with gentle, sustainable water as our solvent instead of alcohol.

~From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

Learn more at aveda.com and visit Pistachio today for your next color service!!!!

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‪#‎hairstyles‬ ‪#‎autism‬
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Special Event Perfection!

If you or a loved are looking for a beautiful creative up-do for your special day whether its a wedding or birthday or any special event.... we can help make your look perfect!!! Please come in for a free consultation!
Take a look at Tatiana's recent wedding up-do she did last week!!!
#hair #hairstyles #haircolor #haircut #hairsalon #aveda #carlsbad #sandiego #autism
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hottest Fashion Trends of the upcoming Season!!!

Cassie did some research and found the following trends are gonna be huge this season...and since hair is definitely a strong accessory to a certain look, we wanted you to have this information before going shopping or making hair decisions for this Fall!!!

Some of these amazing trends can be found at our boutique...so stop by today and take a look!!!!
~Pastels mixed with dark, sensual silhouettes.

~Accessories are looking like strong square shapes

~Floppy hats, wide leg trousers plaid shirts

~Flairs!!! Making a comeback!

~High waist trousers

~Pretty with a touch of edge. Lace with leather.

~Stacked heels

~Lace up boots ankle and tall

~ "Chelsea" ankle boots

(wear with slim or skinny jeans or trousers)

~Over the knee



~Mirrored sunglasses

~Long pendants

~Estate jewelry

~Statement gloves

~Knotted belts

~Wide brim hats

~Minimalist earrings

~Pin stick Barrettes

~Skinny scarves

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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Unplanned Twins Day!!!!!

As a team we have so much fun working together! We are really a great big family at the salon.... Sometimes our similar attributes and wardrobes provide us with a good laugh when we show up to work with the same outfits, not even aware of it until someone points it out to us... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline & Pamela have been working together for well over a year and have consistently worked together on several clients to achieve the best services possible at Pistachio Cut and Color Bar....although we always work hard we also have a great time having fun and laughs with all the team members and clients!!!!

Come in & join our family and get a great hair service while you are here!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Aveda's Light Elements

Aveda's Light Elements Defining Whip is one of Chelsea's favorite all purpose products to use for styling. Its light weight texture and medium hold make it perfect for those trendy men's cuts we keep seeing everywhere. It has a pliable hold that allows you to keep hair in place without a sticky or stiff feeling. I even use it on my women's cuts! Great for giving separation and texture to beachy waves or keeping bangs stunningly styled all day long, Defining Whip is one of Aveda's miraculous Light Elements product you won't be able to stop using.
To use properly....Apply a small amount to palms and rub together to emulsify. Work evenly through dry hair with fingertips to create medium hold and separation.

Layer more as needed to eliminate static or flyaways without adding weight.
Stop by Pistachio Cut and Color Bar and get yours today!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Total Transformation....

Check out this total transformation that Caroline did during Pistachio Cut and Color Bar's continuing education:
This model went from permed, blue black hair to amazing mauve with some silvery pieces. We used several different application techniques from AVEDA's amazing natural customized color line. This look took us over 4 hours to achieve in the salon.
Even if YOUR total transformation has a more subtle & natural final result, we are all ready to meet the challenge and deliver amazing results for you today!!!!!

Call or come by a free consultation today!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Brilliant Damage Control

Pamela's #1 product that she loves and recommends to clients of all ages with all hair types is AVEDA's Brilliant Damage Control Spray!!!!
"Not only does is protect your hair from UV and Thermal Heat, but it also helps with detangling hair without causing any breakage while giving it amazing shine without being greasy"!!!!!!
All you need to do is spray liberally on towel-dried hair to help protect from heat styling and then blow-dry and style as desired with your favorite Aveda styling product.
Come by Pistachio Cut and Color Bar and pick up your today!!!!
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pure Abundance

Pure Abundance
Tatiana's favorite product to use for lots of volume is Aveda's Pure Abundance Style Prep....it's nature's boost for fine hair and infuses all-day weightless volume that feels naturally yours!!!!
Stop by and pick up one to take home today!!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Team Work Does It Right!

Pistachio has assembled some of the most talented hair specialists in the greater San Diego area to serve its valued clients. We are truly a team that takes pride in working together to give you the perfect service!!!!!
#hair #hairstyles #haircolor #haircut #hairsalon #aveda #carlsbad #sandiego #autism
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Technology Delivers Better Results

There are many reasons why Pistachio Cut and Color Bar is the most recommended specialty color team in Carlsbad! We take pride in our work by having weekly education in order to take our skills into perfection.
Innovation is another reason for the buzz Pistachio Cut and Color Bar is creating. Our salon invests in technology that helps us compliment and deliver such a high quality service for you each time you come! Our Takara Belmont hair processors offer speed, power, and a rotating ring help color and chemical treatments penetrate deeper and faster delivering enhanced results that last.
We are proud to offer one of the most healthy hair color in the industry, AVEDA! With the newest technology our goal of being able to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them!!!

Don't miss out...Book your appointment Today!
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Taking Pride

Aleta takes pride in giving every client that sits in her chair an awesome experience...whether its a custom haircut or a a great color everyone feels taken care of and special!!!!
Go to http://www.pistachiohair.com/team and check out our amazing team...
‪#‎hair‬ ‪#‎hairstyles‬ ‪#‎haircolor‬ ‪#‎haircut‬ ‪#‎hairsalon‬ ‪#‎aveda‬ ‪#‎carlsbad‬ ‪#‎sandiego‬ ‪#‎autism‬
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Perfect Smooth Texture

Check out what Pamela has to say about the new Smooth Infusion Nourishing Cream from AVEDA....
"""" I love the new nourishing cream from Aveda's Smooth Infusion line! I have wavy hair with lots of frizz, so after I wash my hair and de-tangle it with Aveda's Brilliant Damage Control Spray I then apply just a small amount of the smooth infusion nourishing cream. I then let it air-dry and it gives me the perfect smooth texture I desire without weighing down my natural wave!!! It is a great product for easy maintenance and beautiful frizz free hair!!""""
Come by and get yours today...!!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Power Your Color!

Caroline recommends AVEDA's Color Conserve whenever your primary need is for your color to last....
~ Power your color-this 4-step system protects color and prevents fading.

-Color Conserve Shampoo

-Color Conserve Conditioner

-Color Conserve Treatment

-Color Conserve Daily Color Protect
Come by and get your COLOR CONSERVE SET today!!!!!
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Transformation... Ombre to the Pink!!!!

Read about Casie's incredible transformation Using AVEDA!
"This has been a long process... starting in May I decided to transition my hair from an ombre, to an all over blonde.

I started by using a professional color remover, and then AVEDA's Enlightener a couple of times. I got multiple haircuts, and used AVEDA products to keep my hair healthy.

It took several processes over time get it to the perfect shade of blonde using Aveda's Enlightener and Extra Lifting Creme.

I kept that for a month or two then decided that I was bored so I applied a mixture of Magenta, Pastel Pink and Pink to my hair, all over to achieve the look I have now."

Cant wait to see what this amazing stylist does next!!!!!!!!!
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

The Pistachio Difference!

As stylists, it is a main priority of ours to make every Pistachio guest feel like they are special. The Pistachio Team makes a special effort to make all our guests feel important.
We want all our guests to feel like Family... and its awesome when a family actually feels at home the minute they walk in!!!!!
~We treat everyone like a VIP.

~We inform and educate all clients about their hair, products and easy home care treatments.

~Your hair is priority number 1 during visits, giving you beautiful hair while rejuvenating the integrity of your hair, So your services actually improve over time!

~We have a thorough consultation and we LISTEN at the start of each visit, no matter how routine. .

~Good hair is not enough. Everyone expects good hair or else they wouldn’t go to a salon. We go way above and beyond including a complimentary massage with each service.

~Our entire TEAM does their best to give you the energy you need during your service. It doesn't matter If your are up or If you need some quiet down time; We do our best to accommodate your needs on that day.

~We always try our best to stay on schedule at all times. If we are running late we do our best to call you in advance or get assistance from team members to catch up.

~We are always performing at the highest levels. We do a lot of continuing education to advance our skills and stay on top of the hottest fashion trends.

We are always enthusiastic about your hair appointment!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Fun, Funky Color

This week Chelsea had the opportunity to do a fun, funky color on a sweet girl who was looking to stand out while she went onto the show Chopped Jr. in New York! This semi-permanent ombré technique which is easy to maintain with awesome shine! We wish her luck on the show and hope to see her awesome hair do on TV this fall!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Three Steps and ... Wow!

Hello everyone!

Casie just wanted to share this quick transformation that she did this week! If you are ready to change your look and have fun... we hope this can help inspire you!

"This was a 3 step process but totally worth it....

* Step one: Began to remove the previous color

* Step 2: Applied enlightener to all of the hair until we reached the desired color shade.

* Step 3: Then sectioned the hair with triangular partings to apply a color blocking technique that makes all the colors blend together. Which is the fun part!!!

Finished with a blow dry and style with a flat iron and fun braid."

This color application can be done with any color!

Come by for a free consultation to see what fun colors we can do for you!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New School Year - Go Natural!

Caroline loves the challenge of helping hair look softer and more natural after fun colors and ombres get to be too much!!!! Check out these before and after pics of a college student that needed to change her pink ombre and create a nice subtle more natural look for the upcoming new school year...
When you are ready for a change come by for a free consult!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

In-Between Visits Hair Care Tips!!!

Lucy at Pistachio shares her recipe for hair care success between hair care appointments.... "To keep hair healthy between salon visits I like to custom prescribe an at-home wellness plan. I always tell my clients that we will take care of their hair together...I will do 50% of the work at the salon with beautiful dimensional color, haircuts, and treatments, but the rest is up to the client to do at home by using the appropriate Aveda home care products starting with the correct shampoo and conditioner for their hair. I also advise my clients to apply a shot of cold water after a warm/hot shower to prevent the color from fading.... as well as not to use thermal styling tools set about 350 degrees, Anything beyond that is unnecessary and just damages the hair"
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio Sponsors Autism Society's Gym Nights

Pistachio is proud to be the new sponsor of Autism Society of San Diego's Family Fun Gymnastic Night in Carlsbad. The Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA in Carlsbad will provide the gymnasium equipment and bounce house. And proceeds from Pistacho's recent Cut-A-Thon Autism Awareness fundraiser will help provide the fun!

So join other families raising a child with Autism and bring the entire family for an enjoyable, relaxing night of family recreation. Gym nights are typically the third Saturday of every month at 4pm-6pm and are subject to change. For more information, please visit: https://www.autismsocietysandiego.org/gym-nights.html

Magdalena Ecke YMCA Gymnastics Center

6100-B Avenida Encinas

Carlsbad, CA 92011
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Aveda Co-Wash Invitation

Watch this short video and learn about a great new product by Aveda!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Find the Aveda hair color that's right for you!

• full spectrum™ permanent hair color service: Aveda's permanent hair color offers endless shade choices from outrageous shades to purely natural looks and amazing grey coverage results. Our fade-resistant formulas are up to 96% naturally derived* for essentially damage-free results with our signature blend of organic botanical oils - sunflower, castor and jojoba.

• full spectrum™ deposit-only color treatment hair color service: The ammonia-free demi-permanent hair color is a gentle, up to 99% naturaly derived* formula which actually improves the condition of damaged hair. The beautiful rich color lasts up to 8 weeks gradually fading on tone. It's the perfect option to gloss your hair for beautiful shine and condition.

• enlightener™ blonding service: If you desire ultimate lift, our enlightener blonding service wil take you there. Our enlightener products are formulated with a signature blend of protective plant oils - sunflower, castor and jojoba to help create a protective formula for healthy looking hair that's full of shine. You'll love the pure-fume™ aroma of rose, lemon, peppermint and other pure flower and plant essences.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Soft, Defined Curls - New Be Curly Co-Wash

Introducing Aveda's sulfate-free, low-lather conditioning wash with certified organic babassu oil:

• gently cleanses your scalp

• moisturizes curls for up to 3 days

• reduces frizz, leaving curls soft and defined
Wash-in moisture, Wash-out frizz
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Loyalty has its Rewards

As a big “Thank you” to our loyal customers and first time visitors alike, we’re happy to announce Pistachio’s Loyalty Rewards program.
It’s Simple. Stop into the Pistachio and purchase any hair service, hair product or boutique merchandise. You'll be rewarded for every dollar spent. Every single time. Plus, you’ll earn points on special occasions and lots more!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

HUMID... Hair....AHHHHHHH!!!!

Even though this HUMID weather can cause straight hair to go flat, and curly hair to expand and frizz as the day progresses... there are several things you can do to help your hair!
1. Hydrate beforehand...If your vacation takes you to tropical parts this summer, get ahead of the hair curve by prepping for the climate change before you touch down. Do a conditioning treatment and drink lots of water before you go.
2. Keep it dirty...sweat-inducing weather may send you straight to the shower. In humid weather, it's easier to style your hair when it has a little natural oil in it, so don't wash your hair the day of an event.
3. Pick the right products... When styling hair, keep it moisturized by reaching for the Aveda product best for you and your hair, we can help!!!!
4. Don't overdo it...Hair doesn't get more glam with the more product used. In fact, the opposite is true. Be careful of applying too much product to the hair, this can weigh down fine hair and make it limp.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Intensive Muti-Tonal Hair Color!

Ali went from all over blonde hair color to a rich multi tonal intensive combination of deep Merlot and Copper tones. This multi dimensional color was done with different color application techniques. We started with an Ombre application followed with a Flamboyage technique for the top of head. This gives us different illumination of color through all the hair. To finish this amazing look we applied an all over color for shine and richness. Multi-tonal color can be done on Blondes, Brunettes, and Reds...as well as any texture!!
Stop by Pistachio Cut and Color Bar for your free consultation today!!!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut


Special Offer

• $45 Women’s Haircut • $99 Haircut + Color Touch-up

• $120 Haicut + Highlights • $25 Men’s Grooming Service
Plus Three Complementary Follow-up Treatments!
Monday-Tuesday pricing for one-time use only by new clients.

Certain restrictions apply. Expires September 30, 2015
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

50 Shades of Blonde!

Is your hair ready for this summer?
Do you want to go "just a little or a lot" lighter for the summer months ahead? Without damage, wash out or brassiness??
If you're looking to lighten up your hair this summer, then you have come to the right place. Here at Pistachio we specialize in dimensional blondes.When you come in for your appointment we will begin with a full hair analysis to determine the hair texture, porosity & integrity of your hair. That will help us determine the steps to get you to the desired result of amazing soft, shiny, healthy BLONDE hair that you will love!
We will educate you on how to take care of your beautiful hair at home with the right combination of products and styling techniques so your hair stays healthy and shiny even weeks after being in the salon and out on the beach!
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Tips for Summer Frizzy Hair

San Diego summer time is all about low-key beauty. If humidity and heat has you hiding your hair for fear of a frizzified coif follow these 4 tips...
1. Embrace natural texture: Define your waves or curls with products like a Aveda's Be Curly Curl Enhancer or Light Elements Defining Whip.
2. Protect hair from UV rays: Apply Aveda's Sun Care Protective Sun Veil will protect and add moisture and shine.
3. Water it down: Before diving in that pool, wet down your hair and work in Aveda's Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair that contains protein to maintain shine, moisture and elasticity.
4. Accessorize: Summer is great for casual updos like volumized ponytails, sultry side braids and chic chignons. We can show you how to use them properly..
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hair Solutions for Women on the Go

Women know the reality of having to juggle a million things at once. There’s early morning reports, conferences, phone calls, general errands, hopefully some time for the gym, meals to cook, laundry, family, pets...etc...!!!!!! We have some great ideas for you to try between monthly salon visits:
1) Use a dry shampoo to remove any grease left over from the day before.Spray it and comb it out.
2) Running late? Tie your hair up in a bun and wear your favorite hair band.
3) Blow-dry just your roots if you are in a hurry. It adds bounce and makes limp hair look fabulous in a jiffy.
4) Back comb your hair and wear a ponytail - a messy one. Backcombing gives flat hair a refreshing break.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Mother's Day Special

Sunday, May 10 is Mother's Day....
If you are stumped on finding the perfect gift for that special Mom in your life then the search is over... give her the gift of beautiful hair! For only 95$ she will get a personalized haircut & style, a customized conditioning treatment that will last 30 days, Shampure shampoo & conditioner set and the incredible "Wet Brush" !!!!!! (125$ value)
Come on in to Pistachio today and purchase the gift that she can use at her convenience. We would love to be part of making this Mothers Day special for you and the amazing Mom in your life.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Support Our April 26th Cut-a-Thon!

April is National Autism Month. To help raise awareness, Pistachio will be hosting a cut-a-thon on Sunday, April 26th from 11am - 2pm.
All proceeds will benefit the San Diego Autism Society with a minimum donation of $35 required for all haircut services. Space is limited and appointments are recommended.
So please be sure to get your haircut while supporting a good cause!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

We're Moving!

“All good things must come to an end...”, so goes the popular saying. But sometimes, they just keep getting better! And that’s exactly what we have planned for the brand new “Pistachio Cut & Color Bar” opening this December at the Plaza Paseo Real in Carlsbad.
Innovative New Concept
True to form, Pistachio continues to innovate with the introduction of the Cut & Color Bar. The first of its kind in our area, the Cut & Color Bar is a modern rendition of the European style hair studio. A specialized bar system will deliver maximum convenience and value to modern, time pressed, fashion conscious clients. With appointments in about an hour, clients will have access to certified Aveda, Davines and Eufora hair specialists in a clean, modern and fun environment.
Pistachio Cut & Color bar will continue to employ the Aveda, Davines and Eufora education program. Teaching our stylists numerous cutting techniques and variations ensures that our clients get the customized look they want. Our program also teaches the latest hair color techniques and technology to ensure that the one-of-a-kind results never fail to impress.
A Great New Location
Located a short drive to the west from our current location, the new Pistachio will be the latest addition to this established neighborhood shopping center that’s anchored by The City of Carlsbad’s renowned Dove Library, the U.S. Post Office, Cinépolis Cinema, and the Aviara Vons. A large lounge area is located right next to our studio and served by the ever-popular La Costa Coffee Roasting. For your convenience, a professional Color Nails salon is located right next door. And for your dining enjoyment, the Plaza is served by innovative new food establishments such as the Beach Plumb and Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchens and much more!
With no appointment necessary and an menu offering attractive package pricing, clients are assured a hassle-free experience that translates to easy salon visits and in between service appointments to keep your hair looking beautiful at a great value.
Please reference the map for directions to Plaza Paseo Real, studio location and suggested parking areas.

AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Gentlemen's Spring Special

Gentlemen, is your style getting a little shaggy? Come on in and take $5 off a professionally cut style, for a price of only $30. Grooming service includes therapeutic shampoo and scalp massage, hot towel treatment, precision haircut and professional product recommendation.
Take advantage of this limited time offer by calling the salon at (760) 230-4880. Schedule an appointment in advance or walk-in at your convenience.
*Offer good for new clients. Special rate for your visit only with select stylists.
Good until Monday, the 30th of June, 2014
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Fire Evacuation Update

Dear Pistachio Patrons:
Please note that due to fire evacuation orders still in effect for San Elijo Hills and La Costa Meadows, Pistachio Hair Studio will remain closed on Friday, May 16, 2014. We are hoping that the order will be lifted by tomorrow and are not changing appointments scheduled for this weekend.
All scheduled clients are being contacted by phone. If you have any questions or need to reschedule your appointment, please email us at reception@pistachiohair.com. We are also checking our voice messages regularly and you can continue to check our Twitter page @pistachiohair for the latest updates.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of our dear friends and neighbors whose families have been affected by the fires. We hope that everyone can return to their homes very soon once the fire authorities determine that it is safe and sound.
Best regards,
Pistachio Management Team
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Body Balm

Our favorite hair line now has to-die-for skin care products. New to our salon is the absolute beautifying velvety cream. This body lotion is made with roucou oil giving users an anti aging effect. Infused with nourishing properties, it leaves the skin incredibly silky. As important as our hair is, it is also important to take care of our skin. Come into Pistachio Hair Studio today to check out this new body balm!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Anti Aging Hand Cream

As the weather gets warmer and dryer it is important to keep not only your hair healthy, but your skin too. The hair product line that we all love, Davines, came out with an Anti Aging Hand Cream and we have got it for sale here at Pistachio! This hand cream advocates long lasting hydration due to it’s moisturizing formula. The natural active ingredients inside this product are olive oil, sweet almond oil, tomato extract, and walnut extract. You can get this softening enhancing Anti Aging Hand Cream for free with the purchase of any regular sized Davines Essential Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner set. Stop into Pistachio today to get this remarkable product to keep your hands healthy and hydrated this Spring!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio Autism April Cut-a-Thon was a Big Success!

We had a fantastic time hosting this important annual fundraiser that’s near and dear to our heart. We were at full capacity with all of our hair stylists on board and busy doing great hair in support of this worthy cause to raise awareness and funding to Cope, Study and Cure Autism.
You can check out some great pictures from this special event in our website gallery or on our Facebook page. Feel free to share, tag and comment to help raise further awareness.
A big thank you to all those who attended and made the event a success. A special thanks goes out to the LCYO’s Champions League and the San Diego Autism Society for helping promote the event. Also, our thanks to our sponsors: Lucky’s Pizza, Mariah’s, Stretch U, Soup Plantation, and Origami Owl. And last but not least, thank you to our team for coming to the salon on a Sunday to support the cause.
We hope that you will continue to join us in our continued efforts to Cope, Study and Cure Autism.
All the Best,
Lucy Hatefi
Pistachio is dedicated to the Fight for Autism
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Helping Children with Hair Loss

We had an exciting day at Pistachio, when McKenna came in to our studio with her friends and family to cut her hair. After growing it for several months, she was very excited to donate her hair to Children With Hair Loss. Pistachio is proud to have been able to participate. Thank you McKenna you made our day!
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

2014 Spring Color’s

Revive your confident look with adaptable pastels and vivid brights this spring! According to Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014, the versatility of these colors allows for new looks and new color combinations. Some of the cooler colors consist of: Placid blue, Violet Tulip, and Hemlock. The neutral colors on the scale are Sand and Paloma. As for the warmer colors, Cayenne, Freesia, and Celosia Orange. Lastly, the vibrant colors are Radiant Orchid and Dazzling Blue. The vibrant colors are the perfect match when mixed with any pastel color, or even another bold color to add confidence to your look. Come into Pistachio to check out our brand new Spring clothing collection, you’ll find a variety of these trending colors. Also, don’t miss out on our buy one get one 50% off jewelry sale!
Image courtesy of "Marin" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

How To: Chignon Bun

A quick step by step how-to for an elegant chignon bun. This style creates a chic look for day or night and works well with damp or dry hair!
Step 1: Apply a small amount of Davines: Wonder Wax onto damp or dry hair. This product defines, sculptures, and creates a shine while naturally modeling.
Step 2: Tie your hair into a low ponytail. You can do this either to the side or down the center, depending on where you want your chignon bun located.
Step 3: With your ponytail in your hand, wind it around to create a twisted effect.
Step 4: Keeping the ponytail tightly twisted, wrap it around the hair tie and pin it in place with bobby pins or clips. If you want to add some edge, pull down a few strands to let hang free.
Step 5: Lastly, spray finished look with Davines: Invisible Hair Spray for long lasting hold!
Image courtesy of "mrsiraphol" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

How to: Braided Headband

For an easy and comfortable way to keep your hair out of your face, try out this how to for a braided headband.
Step 1: Wash your hair with Davines: Oi Shampoo and Conditioner. The Oi shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair ultra soft, shiny, and with body.
Step 2: Towel dry your hair then apply Davines: Invisible Styling Cream. This styling cream gives your hair a natural and invisible hold. Now, blow dry until your hair is completely dry.
Step 3: Take a section of your hair from the side, parallel with the arch of your eyebrow and keep it separated from the rest of your hair. Now take the rest of your hair and clip it straight back, giving it a slicked back look.
Step 4: Loosely braid the smaller separated section straight down in one direction to get maximum braid length and secure the end with a hair tie.
Step 5: Wrap the braid around to the other side of your head and bobby pin it down right behind your ear.
Image courtesy of "Serge Bertasius" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Powder Lift

For a weightless volume and texture, come check out Eufora’s Powder Lift. This product is perfect for a great lift at the root or even to give your hair a refreshing oil-free look on those busy days where you don’t have the time to wash your hair. The outstanding technology that was used to create the Powder Lift takes the product from a liquid, transforms it into a powder, and back into a liquid during use, leaving your hair looking and feeling thicker and fuller. Just a couple sprinkles of this product at your roots will give you an uplifting look to last you throughout the day. Stop into Pistachio today to treat yourself to this legendary product!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

April Autism Cut-A-Thon

April is National Autism Month. To help raise awareness, Pistachio will be hosting a Cut-a-Thon on Sunday, April 6th from 11am - 2pm.
Come and join us for treats, raffles, special savings on origami owl jewelry, our latest boutique collection and more. So please be sure to get your haircut while supporting a good cause!
A minimum donation of $25 is required for all haircut services and all proceeds will benefit the San Diego Autism Society. Appointments can be made by calling (760) 230-4880 and walk-ins are welcome!
For more information please call Nori at (760) 230-4880.
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Formation Whipped Styling Solution

This is a versatile styling foam to sculpt, create volume, control, and texture your hair. It also provides a “wear-in” conditioning benefit and protection from sun damage and color fading. Apply to wet hair to sculpt and set and then blow dry for volume and control. This strong hold styling foam is the new generation of a healthier mousse. Stop into Pistachio today and pick up your styling solution for better hair tomorrow!
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AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Facebook Likes

For the month of February 2014, Pistachio will be running a "Like Us" special. During your next visit, like Pistachio's Facebook page before you checkout and receive $5 off your service.
Get out there and connect to people!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Valentines Day, 2014

This year Pistachio will be having a special on Valentines Day Gift Certificates. Purchase a gift certificate worth $100 or more and receive an additional $15 credit. Give that special someone the present of a fantastic makeover this year with a Pistachio Gift Certificate!
*Offer Valid until February 14th, 2014
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

How-to For A High Bun

How-to rock a great high bun.
Step 1: Wash hair with Eufora’s Hydrating Shampoo and Daily Balancing Conditioner. As hair is damp, run Eufora’s Smooth-N Straightening Balm through your hair, and blow dry.
Step 2: With your head flipped over, spray Eufora’s Elevate Finishing Spray all over and brush all your hair as tight as you can into a ponytail at the crown.
Step 3: Pull the ponytail straight out and twist until your hair is in a rope form. Roll the rope around the base until it is in a doughnut shape and secure with bobby pins.
Step 4: Spray again with the Elevate Finishing Spray, guaranteeing hold and freeing up flyaways.
Image Courtesy of "stockimages" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

The How-to for Red-Carpet Waves

A quick how-to for fantastic waves.
Step 1: Work in Eufora’s Formation Whipped Styling Solution onto damp hair and blow dry until hair is completely dry.
Step 2: Part your hair deep to one side and wrap two-inch sections of hair around a one and a half inch curling iron. Hold the curling iron vertically, ignore the clamp, and stop just below the roots. Twist the front sections towards your face and and alternate directions throughout the rest of your hair so it doesn’t fall into a perfect wave pattern.
Step 3: To help hair set, roll each curl up and clip them at the scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes.
Step 4: Unclip the hair and gently brush to one side. Spray all over with Eufora’s Elevate Finishing Spray.
Image Courtesy of "artur84" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

The How-to for a High & Sleek Ponytail

A step by step tutorial for a sophisticated, face-lifting ponytail.
Step 1: While hair is still damp, use about a quarter size of Euforas Sculpting Styling Glaze, work it through your hair and blow dry until your hair is completely dry.
Step 2: Thoroughly flat iron your hair to get it smooth and straight.
Step 3: Brush your hair straight back and fasten it just below the crown with a tight hair tie.
Step 4: Separate the hair in the tail into a top and bottom section and pull each section in opposite directions. This will give you an admiring little bump at the crown.
Step 5: To guarantee style all day, spray hair in place with Euforas Uphold Finishing Spray, a maximum hold, fast drying spray for long lasting style.
Stop by the salon to get more expert advice from our stylists.
Image Courtesy of "Ambro" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hold Your Color

Ideal for color treated hair, the Davines: Nounou shampoo and conditioner brings out the original natural hair tones and restores health and shine to damaged hair. The key factor is sodium chloride, a common ingredient to slowly remove cosmetic color from the hair, which is perfectly suited for colored hair. The synergy of its ingredients have a deep restructuring action, protecting color, and restoring the body and suppleness, maintaining the same luminosity and fullness of tone of the color.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

The Wet Brush

The Pro Select “Wet” Brush is the healthy after shower brush with no tears, no snags, no clumps, and no tangles! The brush features IntelliFlex bristles with soft tips for gentle styling. The Soft tips are ultra soft and guaranteed not to fall out. No split ends, no hair loss, it provides healthy brushing and detangling, creating the perfect transition from wash to style! The best detangling brush for women, men, and children works for all types of hair, thick or fine, it also works great for wigs and extensions! Brushing through wet or dry hair, it will leave your locks beautiful and tangle-free! Come into Pistachio to get your Wet Brush today and don’t forget to check out our stocking stuffers starting at $6!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Volume Enhancing

If you are looking for specific products to give new body and softness to limp hair, check out the Davines Volu Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mist Spray. The Volume Enhancing Softening Shampoo is specially designed to gently clean the hair leaving it clean and light while giving new body and volume to your hair. The jelly texture in the conditioner guarantees detangling properties without the heaviness. Volu Mist is a volumizing spray for limp hair to be applied at the root that leaves your hair with volume and flake-free. It’s formulation is enriched with elastic resins, leaving volume to all hair types. Call Pistachio now (760) 230-4880 to book your free consultation and leave with products specially prescribed for your hair type by one of our expert stylists.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora is on Sale!

Get a travel size styling product for free, when you purchase any two Eufora products at regular price.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New Arrivals

Pistachio's new clothing collection is here. The latest sweaters and tops starting at $29.99.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Jewelry Sale

Buy one of our selected jewelry items at regular price and get the second 1/2 off.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Davines Giftbox

Buy one shampoo and conditioner set, get a 2 oz product for free.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Annual Boutique Sale

Purchase $60 or more at the boutique and receive $10 off.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Free Kera Shine Treatment

Until December 24th 2013, purchase a Cut and Color Service and receive a free Kera Shine Treatment, redeemable in January 2014. A $25 value.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hot Tools On Sale

Blow dryers, Curling irons and Flat irons starting at $44.99.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Best Hair Brushes

Ionic, ceramic round brushes, the best detangling wet brush, now available starting at $10.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Traveling Companions

Do you have special travel plans in mind? Or maybe you just want small sizes to try new products. Travel size shampoo, conditioner and styling products are now on sale. Mix and match any three travel size products for just $25.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Glo Mineral

Glo Mineral Makeup is on sale this holiday season at Pistachio. Stop in and receive 1/2 Off a regularly priced Glo Makeup product with your purchase of another at regular price.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Show Her You Care

Get $15 with the purchase of a gift certificate worth $100 or more.
Not valid in combination or with any additional offers and while supplies last until December 24th, 2013.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Beautifying Serum

This treatment oil is a lightweight serum that is guaranteed to give your hair, skin, and scalp that improving health and appearance that it has been needing. It’s a fast absorbing light oil blend that immediately restores your hair. The moisturizing, conditioning and antioxidant benefits of kukui, neem, argan, and cranberry oils is what brings faded, dull and dry hair back to life. For a light conditioning treatment that will leave your hair in it’s best shape, stop into Pistachio to try out the Eufora Beautifying Serum!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora: Touch Up Dry Shampoo

As you might know it is best to wash your hair ever two to three days. It is important to touch or brush your hair as little as possible; especially after eating or preparing greasy foods, as you might transfer the food oils into your hair. The Eufora Touch Up Dry Shampoo refreshes second day hair, absorbs excess oil, and extends the life of your blow out while adding volume and texture. The temporary tint lasts all day and washes out easily. It is a great source for color enhancement or gray root coverage. At Pistachio we carry the Tinted Texturizing Dry Shampoo in light, dark, and clear. Stop in today to check it out!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Davines: Defining Invisible Hair Spray

Do you ever feel that your hair spray isn’t quite keeping that hold and it keeps leaving your hair sticky after? Well the Davines Defining Invisible Hair Spray is your solution.
This hair spray is weightless yet gives volume and body and guarantees long lasting hold even in humid conditions. It’s non-sticky and does not leave residue. It leaves your hair with body, but not heavy, holding the style naturally and invisibly. The hair sprays strong fixing effect is what holds the style all day long.
Stop into Pistachio today to upgrade your old hairspray to the Davines Defining Invisible Hair Spray!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New Jewelry at Pistachio!

With the holidays are right around the corner, it's time come check out Pistachios newest trendy jewelry collection! Whether you’re looking for a gift for that special someone or just treating yourself, you will find that desirable look. From elegant necklaces to handmade stylish bracelets, we have something for everyone.
While you're here at Pistachio, look into our chic blouses, sweaters, scarves, purses, and jewelry that will surely complete your look. Colors varying from vibrant to neutral tones, we have a splash of it all!
And don’t forget to check out our holiday sale and B.O.G.O. (buy-one and get-one) half off shirts before they are all gone!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Top Foods to Keep your Hair Healthy

Better looking hair can begin with your next meal. The nutrients you eat today help fortify your hair follicles, starting from the scalp where hair strands form. Here are some foods that will help your hair:
~ Walnuts are a good source of biotin and vitamin e. Biotin and vitamin e protect your hair from sunlight, which keeps your hair color lavish and glossy.
~ Oysters contain zinc, without consuming enough zinc you may experience hair loss and your scalp will become dry and flaky. Oysters are also a good boost for protein.
~ Another great source of protein comes from eating eggs. You also gain four key minerals your hair needs from eating eggs: zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron!
~ Blueberries are a super fruit when it comes to hair care. Blueberries are high in Vitamin C which is critical for circulation to the scalp and supports the tiny blood vessels that feed your hair follicles. Too little vitamin C leads to hair breakage.
~ Poultry keeps hair strong and plentiful with it’s zinc, iron, and B vitamins.
~ Eating salmon brings out strong hair because it is rich in protein and vitamin D. Proteins are necessary for tissue repair and for the construction of new tissue. Every cell needs protein to maintain its life. Protein is also the primary substance used to "replace" worn out or dead cells. Your muscles, hair, nails, skin, and eyes are made of protein. Those with thinning hair and too many wrinkles for your age, may lack protein.
You have much more control over your hair than you think, adding these foods into your protein-rich diet will give it the factors it needs to be strong and healthy!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora Hero: For Men

Men, are you looking for the right hair products to make your hair feel amazing, smell fresh, and most importantly achieve the job? The Eufora Hero for Men is designed for men who deserve to look as good as they feel! This product line carries a complete shampoo, a reviving treatment, a thickening elixir, scalp rescue, grooming cream, defining wax, texture putty, pliable pomade, firm hold gel, and exceptional shave! Come into Pistachio today to get your Eufora Hero Hair Care, and don’t forget to schedule your next haircut which includes a personalized consultation, a rejuvenating shampoo with a scalp and neck massage and a warm towel treatment, a precision haircut, a personalized prescription for hair needs with the right products for you, a blow dry and style recommendations by one of our experienced stylists.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora: Creative Streak

The end of the year holidays are right around the corner, don’t leave your hair subdued! Even though you may be busy trying to get through the holidays you still have time to liven your hair. For a color statement without the commitment try Pistachios Eufora Creative Streak. This temporary hair color spray is the perfect way to make your hair pop! The color stays on your hair and you can easily wash it out with shampoo or soap. A quick spray along selected pieces of hair and you have transformed your look in as little as 10 minutes! The creative streak is perfect for all ages and makes a great gift during the holiday seasons! Stop into Pistachio today to check it out! Colors come in Tickled Pink and True Blue.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio Holiday Collection... Now on Sale!

$10 Off any purchase of $60 or more.
Don't miss our annual boutique special.
*Restrictions may apply. Not valid with other promotional offers.
Good Until December 31st, 2013
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

PowerCell Repair: Power Dose Conditioning Treatment

As summer comes to an end, your hair may be looking dry and damaged. Thanks to the sun, saltwater, and chlorine, your hair needs repair!
Pistachio’s Power Cell Repair is a single-dose repairing treatment for dry damaged hair. The Latic Acid is able to create saline bonds between keratin chains exposed in the cortex of damaged hair fibres. As if transformed, hair is left soft, supple with a natural-looking shine. Damaged hair is extensively repaired and nourished with restored vitality.
Stop into Pistachio today to try out this essential treatment or call us (760)230-4880 to schedule a no obligation appointment today!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Davines: Oi Absolute Beautifying Potion

Proof that oil does not equal grease! Davines’ Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion is a significant formula that softens hair and adds just a subtle hint of polish. This product can also be transformed into an overnight conditioning treatment; just a spritz on your fingers and run them through your hair, starting a few inches below your roots. This finishing and styling oil leaves your hair shiny and smooth with a delightful leafy vanilla scent. The natural ingredients in the beautifying potion create a protective film on all hair types and prevent hair from aging with a strong anti-oxidant action. At Pistachio we carry the Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion in two sizes, 135 ml and 50 ml. Stop into Pistachio today to check out this impressive treatment!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora Pro: Ionic Ceramic Polishing Brush

Eufora Pro styling brushes provide the latest technology in professional styling tools to achieve the perfect blow out! For more shine, less frizz, and a faster drying time, the lightweight ceramic-coated barrel retains heat for maximum polishing effect, faster setting and maintaining styles longer.

The heat resistant nylon bristles grip and tame even the most uncontrollable hair creating alluring shine. Bristles are infused with tourmaline, when combined with heat it dramatically reduces static and generates a smoother performance. For a shiny, sleek finished look, stop into Pistachio Hair Studio today to purchase the Eufora Pro Polishing Brush which comes in two sizes: 2.25 inches and 2.75 inches.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Hair Color Sale

Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays in October hair color is on sale.
Root touchup $49.00

Hair color applied to re-growth of 2 inches or less
Partial Highlights $69.00

A generous amount of foils applied to the re-growth. Choose highlights or lowlights or a combination of two colors (Max of 35 foils)
Full Color $65.00

All over color application for an overall even shade
All of our color applications are done by experienced hair colorist that are trained to formulate and design the best color shades to match and enhance all hair types.
* Add blowdry for $25 with any of the following services
** Prices vary based on length and volume of hair; Offer good with select stylists only. Not valid with any other offers.
Call 760.230.4880 for your appointment. You must mention this offer when booking your appointment in order to receive this special offer.
Good Until Thursday, 31st of October, 2013
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Apply Color

Add a pop of color to the latest fall trends. Stop in to check out our colorful selection of coveted necklaces to accent your outfits transitioning into fall!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

For Curly Hair

Curly hair is naturally drier than its straight counterpart. Because of this, it is essential that moisture-adding products are a part of your daily hair care routine. Shampoos can be harsh and strip curly hair of the only moisture that it does have. So the Davines Love Curl shampoo uses olive amphoacetate to GENTLY cleanse hair and myrtle extract to moisturize and reinforce the scalp. Continue your healthy hair routine with Davines’ Love Conditioner, which uses rice wax to prevent the dehydration that curly hair is already prone to. Finish off with the renowned Oi Milk serum to wear it with its natural flowing curl. Check out the amazing effects of Oi Milk here:
Come in to Pistachio today to be guided to these incredible products and those alike for all types of hair. Our educated stylists await!
Image Courtesy of "imagery majestic" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Fall fashion is in stock and on display!

We’re excited to share that September 1st through September 15th, for every $50 you spend on merchandise in our boutique you’ll receive a $10 gift certificate redeemable at either our boutique or salon on your next visit. And come in or call us at (760) 230-4880 to consult with one of our experienced stylists to find out the best hairstyle for you to transition into fall. So mark your calendars now and stop on in!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Davines OI Essential Haircare Line Has Arrived at Pistachio

This new hair care line offers absolute beauty for all hair types. The Oi Shampoo and Oi conditioner contain the natural active ingredient Roucou oil - an anti-oxident that prevents hair from aging. The Oi Conditioner accelerates the drying process and protects the structure of hair from heat damage and stress.
As fabulous as these products are, the real celebrity of this line is the Davines Oi All in One Milk. With its provitamin B5, in addition to the roucou oil, this product is an all-in-one postshower treatment and styling miracle. It provides shine, softens, detangles, controls frizz, conditions, adds body, moisturizes, facilitates blow drying, provides heat protection, and helps for longer lasting hairstyles. These products range from $32-$46 and are going fast!
Pistachio Pointer: After massaging through and rinsing Oi Shampoo from your hair, towel dry and spray the Oi Milk 10-15 times on roots and ends; do not rinse and continue styling. For more dehydrated hair, use Oi Milk as a moisturizing finish by spraying directly onto the palm of your hand and running through your hair.
Come on into Pistachio today or call (760)-230-4880 to speak with any one of our well educated stylists to be guided through these products and the rest of our Davines lines.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

We’re Pinning!

Our Pinterest account is live!
Find and follow us under the user account Pistachio Hair Studio. We look forward to joining all of you in sharing wonderful pins from hair and style to nifty D.I.Y. projects. We’ll be taking inspiration from both our hair & skin studio and our fashion boutique!
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Don’t forget to connect with us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest news, events, and special offers. Also, review us, give us feedback, or simply let us know what interests you!
Twitter: @PistachioHair

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Facebook: Facebook.com/PistachioHair
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Feeling a little Frizzy?

The secret to being able to achieve hairstyle that you’re re-creating from your favorite tutorial is being able to manage it. No unwanted frizz here!
Our treatments at Pistachio do wonders to restore manageability, which is necessary to easily maintain your favorite summer ‘dos. Our Powercell treatment, starting at $25, combines moisture and protein to smooth out your hair for up to thirty days.
Pistachio Pointer: For most San Diegan’s who live in close proximity to the coast, we recommend going for smoothing products to beat that extra bit of humidity. Follow up our smoothing treatments at home to continue their benefits with Davines’ Dede leave in conditioner, Davines’ Momo serum, and Davines’ anti-frizz oil. This is our favorite combination for this time of year to replenish frizzy or stressed hair with vital nutrients and moisturizers. After spraying and combing the Dede conditioner through your hair, combine a nickel size of the Momo protective fluid with a pump of the Oil and work through hair before blow-drying. For a more permanent treatment, we offer a Keratin smoothing treatment that lasts for three to six months.
Note: Davine’ Dede is a phenomenal product that incorporates elder extract, which keeps the lipids in the hair retaining water and exuding that glowing smoothness and shine.
For more information on our range of treatments and products, give us a call at (760) 230-4880 to speak with a specialist or come in for a free consultation to get the proper prescription for your hair.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Your hair needs nutrients too!

You’ve spent the summer taking advantage of the fresh summer fruit; why not replenish your hair with the same vitamins and minerals?
After spending time enjoying the marvelous midsummer sun and those cool dips in the pool, chances are that your hair is thirsting for some ‘me’ time. Give both your hair and scalp the chance to soak up the necessary nutrients with our Vitamin C Clarifying treatment and our Swimmer’s treatment. These treatments not only remove the mineral buildup caused by those evening swims, but instantly hydrate and restore shine. The lactic acid restores cellular cohesion and is used to repair damaged hair fibers.
Treatments range from $35-$55. Our specialists are here to assess your hair and prescribe the right treatment based on your needs. Call us at (760)-230-4880 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation today!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

4th of July Parade and Picnic

On Sunday June 30th, the Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Town Council put together a wonderful Independence Day parade. Pistachio Hair Studio was happy to contribute to the silent auction this year in support.
The Elfin Forrest/Harmony Grove Town Council is dedicated to the support and maintenance of the rural community. With their slogan "Keeping It Rural", the town council is a contributing force in bringing together the community. This year the town council put together an Independence Day celebration complete with fire trucks, good food, and great people.
For more information about how you can contribute, please visit their website "http://www.efhgtc.org/".
An extra special thank you to Tom & Joanne Sullivan for coordinating the event and letting us know how we could help.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

July is Client Appreciation Month!

For every hair service you receive during the month of July, you will get a chance to spin the "Pistachio Wheel". Gifts include "Free Shampoo and Blow Dry", "Free Eye Brow Waxing", "Make Up Application" and much more. Don't miss out! Reserve your appointment in the month of July and come prepared to have fun. Restrictions Apply
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Revolutionary Treatment for Swimmers' Hair

Its summer again... That means fun, the sun, the beach, and the water. Unfortunately it can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle, and crunchy. This Summer, prevent swimmers' hair by consulting our experts on different conditioner treatments, which will dramatically improve the look and feel of your hair no matter how often you dive in. Good for all ages; Consult your Pistachio hair stylist today.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Camouflage Gray for a Natural Look

Want to blend a little grey? In just five minutes you can look years younger with our new customized camouflage service for men. Fast, easy and discrete, it is applied quickly and easily right in the shampoo, leaving hair with natural-looking results that fade gradually. See our specialists for more details.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

The Best Detangler Brush Ever - Now Available at Pistachio

The magic of the Wet Brush is in the specially formulated Intelliflex bristles, that doesn't get caught in your hair. The adaptive flexibility of Intelliflex eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. No split ends, no hair loss. It provides healthy brushing and detangling, creating the perfect transition from wash to style! Perfect for all ages, its available in many different colors and starts at only $12. Be sure to stop by and purchase your magic brush.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New Styles Just In

Summer inventory is now in stock and on display. Come in and check out the coolest and latest fashion. But hurry, these styles won't last!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Erase Roots and Blend Gray - A Two Minute Fix

Don't get caught with grey hair or roots between color appointments. Our two minute color touch up, with ten different shades, is a fast and commitment-free way to erase roots and blend away grays. Specially designed to give you a temporary solution between colorings, it washes out with one shampoo . This mineral rich formula dries quickly and won't flake or rub off once its dry. Stop by with any of our Pistachio team members for a free consultation.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Rock Your Ages

This year, High Tech High school's Parent Teacher Association put on an event called Rock Your Ages. The purpose of which was to raise money for the school. The sold out event provided great entertainment for the purpose of raising money for local schools.
Thank you to the Diane Downey and family for bringing this event to our attention. Pistachio was happy to help support this innovative school's programs.
For futher information and to lend your support please visit High Tech High. thncvpa.org/
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Mothers Day Special

Make Mom Feel Ultra Special
Make sure Mom feels like a "Queen" this Mother's Day. Skip the flowers and treat her to a memory she'll never forget with one of these fabulous Mother's Day gift certificate packages:
Mom Needs a Beauty Day

• Hair cut and Style

• Conditioning treatment

• A value of $80 for just $60
Mom, You're the Best!

• A choice of one color application

• Hair cut and Style

• Conditioning treatment

• Make up application

• A value of $190 for $150
This is a limited time offer expiring May 15th. Restrictions apply. Please call (760) 230-4880 today to consult one of our hair specialists.
Good until Wednesday, May 15, 2013
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Kaiser Health Expo

Pistachio was a proud exhibitor at the Kaiser Permanente Health & Fitness Expo. It was a pleasure to be a part of this newly renovated facility and to meet the medical professionals that support North County.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

San Diego Council on Literacy

This year Pistachio had the good fortune of being able to help sponsor the San Diego Council on Literacy. The role of which is "to unite the community to support literacy through leadership, advocacy, and resources". They provide language tutoring services free of charge to the public and continue to push for improving the lives of others.
We would like to applaud their efforts and give them our full support. Please visit their website and volunteer today.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Stroller Strides

Pistachio is proud to have helped sponsor this year's Stroller Strides grand opening in San Marcos. It was a wonderful turnout with so many mom and kiddos in attendance. We look forward to continuing to help improve the quality of life for the San Marcos area through projects like this. A special thanks goes out to Gina for helping coordinate the event.
For additional information please visit their website, "www.strollerstrides.net/sandiego".

Wed With Style

The professionals at Pistachio are ready to help you complete your look for your special day. We recognize that every woman wants to look her very best. Our design team will help you put the finishing touches on your event.
Bridal Services:

Bride - $150 and up (includes consultation and preview session)

Bridesmaid - $65 and up

Flower Girl - $45 and up
Wedding Enhancements:

Makeup - $50

Makeup Preview - $30

Hair Extensions available
Schedule an appointment today for a no-obligation consultation.
Additional fees include:

$50 for every 15 miles traveled.

A 50% deposit is required to book the date of the event.

Remaining fees will be due two days prior to the event, upon confirmation of services.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Beautiful Hair In An Instant

1. Add Length and Volume Instantly - Made of Remy hair, our extensions allow our team of stylists to style your new extensions just like they would your natural hair. This creates a seamless blend with your personal style, allowing you to express your full creativity with less work and effort.
2. No Bonding, No Clips, and No Glue - No conditioners, no effort. Extensions go in easy and stay in, allowing for everyday use or just for those special occasions.
3. Reasonably Priced - Extensions come in one of three lengths (12 inch, 16 inch, and 20 inch), and in a spectrum of colors. All reasonably priced and ready for styling.
Call for your consultation today. (760) 230-4880
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Smoothing System

Sleek, smooth, manageable hair is now possible without risk. Our smoothing system utilizes a nano-amino acid complex. This innovation instantly and safely transforms coarse, frizzy hair, into smooth luxurious hair with superior shine that will last three to six months.
Please call (760) 230-4880 today to consult one of our hair specialists.
Image courtesy of "Marin" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

San Elijo Elementary School All American Country Fair

Pistachio is proud to be a sponsor of this year's fair. Please join us in supporting our local schools on Saturday, April 13th from 10am to 4pm.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Japanese Straightening

Anyone interested in Japanese Straightening? Call and schedule your FREE consultation with our highly talented team of master stylists.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Formal Styling

A formal style done by our expert Deborah. Ask her about our wedding styles.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Makeover Magic

Are you bored with your style? Do you need a make over? Come and get $25 off your color & haircut. Restrictions apply.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Illuminate to Beautiful

Illumination technique on virgin hair by Lucy.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Curly to the Perfect Bob

Looking for that perfect graduated bob on curly hair? Make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation today. 760.230.4880
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Mira Costa Health Expo

Pistachio proudly participated at this year's Health Expo at Mira Costa College A big thanks to all faculty who visited our stand!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Sundays And Mondays On Special

Pistachio Hair Studio is now open on Sundays for your convenience. Special rates start at $39 for a women’s hair cut, $20 for a men’s hair cut, and $69 for partial highlights.
Offer good on Sunday and Monday for new customers or those who haven't visited in the past six months. Restrictions apply.
Call 760.230.4880 to schedule your appointment.
Expires May 30th, 2013
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Our Role in New The Mindy Project Show

Pistachio's very own Lucy Hatefi recently participated in the launch promotion of The Mindy Project, a new comedy series that premiered on Fox on September 25, 2012. Lucy was the lead hairstylist in the Mindy’s Mobile Makeovers, a fully-wrapped, custom vehicle that was showcased at the Searsucker restaurant in downtown San Diego. Pistachio offered complimentary blowouts and other nail technicians did “Mindy-cures”! We were proud to have participated in the launch of this fantastic new commedy show and wish the cast and crew must success! For more information, check it out Twitter @MindyProjectFOX and Facebook.com/TheMindyProject.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Upcoming Updos for School Dances

It’s that time of the year again! High School dances are coming up, and the pressure’s on to have to the most stunning dress and hair at the event. We understand how tough getting ready can be, so we’re happy to offer $10 off your total when you book at Pistachio to get both your makeup and your updo done.
Slots fill up fast, so call ahead at (760) 230-4880 to book your appointment today.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

San Elijo' Hills Get Fit Event

Last Saturday, the hottest day of the year, was the San Elijo Hills Get Fit event. Luckily for San Elijo, it takes more than a little heat to stop us from having a good time. We met members of the community from all walks of life, handed out more than a few raffle tickets for the Ignite Yoga sponsored raffle (congratulations to the winners!), and had a huge amount of fun educating everyone on the best ways to take care of themselves (especially in the heat!).
A big thanks to Ignite for setting the event up, to the band (you guys were great!), and of course to everyone who came.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio Launches New Makeup Line

Pistachio is proud to announce the launch of our new makeup line from Glo-Minerals. Starting now, we'll be offering complimentary make-up touch up after your service with any of our experienced, trained stylists who'll be able to help you look and feel your best.
This new line provides flawless skin, without compromising its health. In addition, it has the following benefits:

UV Protection for your skin - Vital in California's sunny climate!


Combats Free Radicals

Clinical Skin Care created by Dermatologists

Vitamins A,C,E, and Green Tea

Perfume and chemical free

Paraben free

Non-Comedogenic, allows skin to breathe



Come in for a complimentary makeup application after your hair service today!
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Pistachio has an Instagram Feed!

Pistachio’s stylists and coordinators have been posting to Twitter and Facebook for some time now, but Instagram has always been on our radar. For those of you looking to keep track of the goings on at Pistachio, we’ve launched our brand new Instagram feed as of last Friday! Follow us at @PistachioHair on your iPhone or Android device to stay up to date on some of the beautiful photos we’re taking at your favorite salon.
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Pistachio’s First Beauty Fair was a Huge Success

Pistachio’s first Beauty Fair last Friday, August 17th, was a huge success! We had a number of our clients, friends, and family (although really , we don’t differentiate)) come in for this night of beauty tips, wine, and fun.
Everyone who came received a free gift bag, and all our boutique merchandise was marked 20% off for the evening. We also had a raffle for everybody who came, and one of our long time clients, Erica, won the huge goody bag.
Pistachio will be hosting many more of these fun events in the future, so if you’d like us to add you to the interest list, drop us a line at diary dot pistachiohair dot com.
A special thanks to California Fruit and Wine for providing the evening’s refreshments! Everybody loved the choices, and they were all excellent. Make sure to check them out if you’re ever looking for a great night of wine tasting!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Beauty Fair Marks Second Anniversary this Friday

Pistachio Hair Studio was officially opened in August 2010, and to celebrate our 2nd birthday we're hosting a huge party! On August 17th we'll be inviting everybody over for a night of wine, beauty, and fun from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The party will feature a local winery, hors d'oeuvres, and our expert stylists demonstrating, educating, and styling with guests. Topics will include:
Product knowledge
Common scalp issues and hair loss consultations
Makeup application.
Attendance is free of charge. And last, but not least, bring a friend and you'll receive a free gift; while supplies last!
RSVP here to guarantee yourself a spot (and some wine!).
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Protecting Your Hair In California's Sunny Climate

Neenah, one of our expert stylists, has been doing hair for over 6 years. We recently had a chance to sit down and talk to her about her experiences in the hair industry, and ask her for some advice on taking care of your hair during these last few summer months.
Question: How long have you been doing hair in Southern California?
Answer: About 6 years
Question: What have you noticed about the local climate and how it affects peoples’ hair?
Answer: People that live near the coast have to worry about frizziness because of their proximity of the ocean. More inland residents have to worry about the effects of the sun, including color fading faster than it would in less sunny latitudes.
Question: What can people do to prevent fading and sun damage from happening?
Answer: Those living closer to the coast should be using smoothing products like Eufora’s Smooth N Straightening Balm. People living farther inland should be using a UV protectant, as well as a color safe shampoo and conditioner to prevent the color from fading. A thermal protectant is a good idea for everyone, especially in the heat of SoCal. That seals the cuticle and prevents moisture from escaping in the heat. I recommend Eufora’s Beautifying Serum or Fortifi Strengthening Spray.
Question: What if the damage has already happened? What steps can you recommend to help heal damaged hair?
Answer: Customize conditioning treatments, depending on the damage of the hair. Here at Pistachio we carry carifying treatments, protein treatments, power dose moisturizers, vitamin C, and much more. Any of the stylists on our team would love to offer a free assessment and prescription for proper care, just call the salon to make your appointment.
Thanks for your help Neenah!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio's Team Masters New Haircutting Techniques

Mondays may get a bad rap elsewhere, but the Pistachio team loves them. For the last two Mondays, our Technical Educator, Kristyn Otto, has come in early, along with the rest of our team, to teach a class on some exciting new hair cutting techniques. These extensive, 5 hour, 2 part classes are all about perfecting the newest trends by improving cutting accuracy and posture. For most of our stylists, this was a review, but for our new junior stylists it was a valuable chance to learn from some of the most highly trained stylists in the area. Education is a huge part of our salon, and it's incredibly gratifying to see these young stylists learning and practicing these fundamental skills.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Davines NaturalTech is Just What the Doctor Ordered

For when you’ve got more than a bad case of loving someone, the Davines NaturalTech line is here to help. This line was specifically created to combat some common scalp conditions, ranging from dandruff to male-pattern baldness. It includes a variety of phytoceuticals chosen to help heal and protect the scalp, and is an entire hair care system by itself, including shampoos, conditioners, and serums for both at-home use and in-salon treatments. Book your appointment today to have a stylist prescribe the right NaturalTech solution for you!
Alternatively, we'll have our expert stylists on hand during our August 17th Anniversary Event to discuss Davines NaturalTech and any other questions you have about your hair or skin!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Vitamin C Clarifying Treatment

This hair treatment is formulated with natural antioxidant vitamins to provide instant, dramatic results.
Featured Benefits:
1. Dramatically intensifies color by removing color blockers.

2. Delivers vital nutrients to hair and scalp.

3. Instantly hydrates and restores manageability and shine.

4. Removal of mineral buildup and green caused by swimming.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio's 4th of July Boutique Special

It's that time of the year again! A time of barbecues, fireworks, friends and family, and Pistachio is here to make sure you have the perfect accessory to impress your fellow 4th of July-ers. Come in anytime between now and July 7th and receive $10 off any purchase of $40 or more in our boutique.
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City of San Marcos Health and Beauty Expo

Thank you to all the San Marcos employees that visited our stand at the San Marcos Health and Beauty Expo. It’s truly a pleasure to be of service to dedicated and hard working men and women that help keep our City maintained and beautiful. Congratulations to the lucky winner for our hair cut raffle valued at $55! We hope to see all of our other visitors soon at Pistachio!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio Home to Advanced Education

Pistachio Hair Studio originated with the value of education and being able to provide a training ground where aspiring hair designers can evolve and further their careers both artistically and professionally. Understanding that education is at the core of our salon, we developed a more comprehensive in-salon educational program targeted at all stylists, regardless of their experience level. We believe it is essential that all stylists on Pistachio’s team pursue continuous education in the most advanced techniques and cutting edge styles.
The Pistachio advanced education program is a Eufora-based cutting system. Educators of Eufora and Davines lead our classes in advanced color theory and application. It is imperative that our stylists receive incessant education and coaching from experts with years of experience in the beauty industry. One of the many brilliant designers that have worked with Pistachio’s education program is Robear Landeros. Robear is a world renowned educator for Davines and has worked with numerous celebrity clients, including Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek and Christina Aguilera. In his teachings, he utilized many different techniques designed to represent progression from the awards party to the after party. These styles were seen in Runway This Season! Robear Landeros is just one of many experts who have participated in Pistachio’s pursuit of continuous education that ensures our clients will leave feeling and looking fantastic.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio now supports Locks of Love!

Pistachio Hair Studio is now a Locks of Love certified salon!
Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss caused by various disorders. Most of the children helped by this organization have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. Locks of Love is committed to returning a sense of self, confidence, and normalcy to these children by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics.
If you are interested in helping these children by donating your long locks, please see the Locks of Love website for the hair donation guidelines.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Father's Day Heroes

To all the father’s this week that deserve to look as good as they feel, Every father is a hero and Pistachio is proud to honor these men! Visit Pistachio and receive a $20 gentlemen’s haircut ($30 value) and with the purchase of any product from the Eufora HERO for Men collection, receive the another hero product 1/2 off!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Get creative with Eufora Creative Streaks!

Ever wished you could try some color in your life, but weren’t sure? Eufora’s new Creative Streaks collection is the answer. These beautifully packaged sprays are filled with temporary color made with rich botanical extracts and completely free of formaldehyde. Interested in trying a streak of pink in your hair? Just hold the spray 10-12 inches from the hair you want colored and squeeze. The color looks fantastic and lasts until you next wash the hair. It also doesn’t stain clothes unlike some other alternatives.
Right now we have the purple, pink, and blue colors at the salon for $17.50 each. Pictured is Laura K., rocking her new pink hair!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora’s Vibrant Color Has Arrived at Pistachio

Eufora’s Vibrant Color is a starter kit that combines travel size constructive product from their shampoo, conditioning, styling, and finishing line. This cocktail of haircare will give you the complete Eufora experience by preserving and nourishing color vibrancy with protein and plant extract “wear-in” treatments. A perfect asset to kick off the summer by protecting your color from the damaging sun rays. The Vibrant Color starter kit will leave your hair truly, simply beautiful.
Below is a brief description of the the individual characters of this Color Locking Cocktail:
Color Locking System

Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment

Intensive treatment for dry or damaged hair

Urgent Repair Shampoo

Daily detoxifying shampoo

Sculpture Styling Glaze

Light styling glaze for volume, shine, and control

Illuminate Shine Mist

Shine spray provides frizz control for all hair types

AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

A New Look! A New You! How to refresh your look for the summer

Need a change and can’t quite figure out what the new hairstyle should be? This doesn’t need to be a tricky decision. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind on your next visit to Pistachio:
If your hair is dry and split at the ends, then cut it! Healthy hair is much more radiant than long wispy hair.
Just as fashion evolves, your hair style should too. Don’t be afraid to make a change. Remember that even the smallest change will make a statement and show everyone a new you!
Refresh your locks with our clarifying conditioning treatment followed by a gloss that is tailor-made for your hair color. Adding a gloss to your normal salon visit routine will restore your hair’s shimmer and shine and locks in the color.
With the summer months upon us, you feel lighter, brighter and happier. Why not incorporate that great feeling into your hair? Adding a touch of subtle, golden sun kissed highlights are the perfect way to summerize your hair.
Always consult with your hairstylist the about the statement you’re trying to make with your hair, and rest assured that your stylist is a professional designer who is taking into consideration all the key features to create the perfect new look for you.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio Educator Innovates Volumizing Haircut

For Kristyn Otto, innovative haircuts are just part of her ordinary day at Pistachio Hair Studio. As a Technical Director, Educator with Eufora, and having years of expertise in the industry, even the most advanced and technical cuts come naturally to this creative designer.
Kristyn’s most current fixation is her own original haircut, which she has named the Hannah, after her daughter. Hannah is a long layered cut that creates movement through the bottom while adding lift and volume to the top of the hair. Kristyn has designed the cut to fashion beautiful hair that compliments short, long, straight, and curly hair. This cutting-edge haircut will soon be adopted into the Eufora education system and taught at Pistachio Hair Studio and throughout the Eufora global network of salons.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

La Costa Heights Fundraiser

Thank you to all the women that participated in “Mom’s Night the Big Blow Out”. La Costa Heights amazing mothers, Pistachio’s beauty professionals, and relaxing mood of the evening set the tone for the perfect place to support our children while being treated to a night of style and wine.
Pistachio is delighted to have had a small part in filling in the budget gaps for the the threatened programs at La Costa Elementary School. We look forward to helping more schools in the community by creating fundraisers of pure fashion and fun!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

College Scholarship Fundraiser

Pistachio Hair Studio is proud to partner with the San Elijo Women’s Club (SEHWC) to support their Higher Education Scholarship Fund.This monetary award will be given to a well deserving female graduating this year from San Marcos High School who has maintained exceptional achievements in academics and community service.
Join Pistachio every Friday during the Month of May from 9am to 7pm, and help this young woman to pursue her educational goals. Pistachio will be donating 30% of any salon service, as well as 10% of any retail purchase to the Higher Education Scholarship Fund.
Please call Pistachio Hair Studio at 760.230.4880 to secure your reservation. San Elijo Hills Women’s Club (SEHWC) must be mentioned at time of booking in order to participate in this fundraiser.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut


Pistachio Hair Studio would like to announce that we can now offer you the newest addition to the Davines family, NaturalTech. NaturalTech is Davines’ answer for a natural treatment system which is designed and formulated specifically to solve the most common scalp and hair complications. Being 80% organic and rich in essential oils, such as lavender and black pepper, you know you are giving only the best treatment to your hair.
Come on into Pistachio today to speak with any one of our well educated stylists regarding what product may be best for you.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Mother's Day Special

Mother’s Day is soon! Let your mom know how much she means.
Purchase a gift certificate at Pistachio before May 12th and receive a $25 discount on your next hair appointment.
Offer valid for select stylists for hair services only.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

St. Patrick’s Day Promotion

Here at Pistachio we don’t let even the simplest holidays pass by unnoticed. In honor of St. Patricks Day, this Saturday receive 10% off any green product or boutique item of your choice. We have the perfect green accessories to celebrate your day with!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio wants to help you with your school dances!

Attention High School Students!
Pistachio would like to help you get ready for your school dances!
Book with us for your up-do and make-up and receive $10 off your total. Space is limited, so call (760) 230-4880 to make your appointment today!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Pistachio's 2nd Annual New Year's Party

Last Sunday was Pistachio's 2nd annual New Year's party and, keeping with tradition, this year's party was a fantastic experience for everyone who came. We celebrated the new year at The Terrace Inn in Carlsbad, just off the beach. It was a wonderful opportunity for our staff to get together and get to know each other's significant others, loved ones and friends. The food was great, and the staff was friendly. It's a really beautiful hotel and the views of the beach and the ocean were breathtaking.
It was great to see everyone there, and we're looking forward to a wonderful new year!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

New Safe Urban Smooth and Curling System from Redken

Now available at Pistachio!

It’s a brand new year, and we’ve got the perfect way to start it off: Redken’s brand new Shape Control system! These new collections come in two flavors; One for straightening hair (Urban Smooth) and another for making those curls and waves (Urban Curls). Shape Control is fantastic because it achieves Brazilian keratin treatment results without the use of Formaldehyde (an irritant and a carcinogenic that can cause serious health risks if inhaled).
The Pistachio Urban Smooth service provides:
Ultimate straight, smooth results that last
Volume and frizz control, even at high humidity levels
Thermally reconditioned hair that is softer, smoother and shinier than before the service
An alternative to achieve the popular Brazilian keratin treatment results
And if you're looking to reduce curls and volume but don't want straight results, ask your stylist about the Cold Smoothing Service. This technique is performed without the use of a flat iron to provide smoother, more manageable hair that retains some of its natural texture.
The Pistachio Urban Curls service provides:
Customizable curl patterns using a curling iron
Lasting frizz control and durable volume
Thermally reconditioned hair that is softer and shinier than before the service
Special Introductory Offer

Pistachio is celebrating the launch of this new texturizing system with a brand new special offer to go with it. If you come in any time from now until the end of January you’ll get a free haircut (worth $55+) with your Shape Control service! Prices start at $200, depending on the length and texture of the hair, and, unlike some other systems, are completely formaldehyde-free.To book your appointment or a complimentary consultation, please call our salon coordinators at (760) 230 4880.
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora Conditioning Party

A huge thank you for all who came to Pistachio’s first Eufora Conditioning Party! The girls had a blast sharing their Eufora knowledge and being able to provide an amazing deep conditioning for your hair, as well as a fantastic blow-dry.  We used Urgent Repair Replenishing treatment, which is for dry damaged hair but works with all hair types. We also added a keratin protein to give your hair the added strength it needs for these winter months.
If you were unable to make it to the party please give us a call at the salon and book your appointment today!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Teen Specials

Perfect for your teenager! Includes a consultation, haircut, and style, all at a special rate of only $40 for girls and $20 for boys! Available for new clients aged 13-18 only with participating stylists on Tuesdays.
Good until Tuesday, 27th of December, 2011
Image courtesy of " imagerymajestic" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Styling Tools For Success Class

Bring your own styling tools, and with the help of our experts learn how to style your hair. We'll teach you tips to customize your own looks for the holiday season. Great to do with groups of friends before any occassion!
Appointment only. $35 per person with participating stylist only.
Days: Thursdays
From: Thursday, 10th of November, 2011

To: Saturday, 31st of December, 2011
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening System

Includes Cleanser, Moisturizer Serum, and Toner. Priced at $64, that's 10% in holiday savings!
Good until Saturday, 31st of December, 2011
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

$45 - $99 Hair Special

Pistachio is happy to introduce a choice of partial highlights and a hair cut or one color process with a cut for only $99. What's more, up-dos and women's haircuts are only $45 and family clients are entitled to $10 off boutique purchases of $60 or more for that special accessory to really make your outfit pop!
Good until Saturday, 31st of December, 2011
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Conditioner Treatment Day

Experience the power of Eufora products that incorporate scientifically proven botanical extracts that benefit hair and skin.
Reserve your spot! $20 includes a shampoo and style and 10% off your purchase. Bring a friend and both receive a gift! By appointment only; limited space.
Only on Thursday, 8th of December, 2011
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Line and Dot sale! One day only!

Come on into Pistachio this Tuesday for 20% off Line and Dot's Sheer Brown Patterned Blouse. One day only, come on in for savings at your favorite boutique!
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Davines Holiday Box

Includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and Nourishing Repair Mask. Starting at $52 - $68. That's 10% - 20% off!
Good until Saturday, 31st of December, 2011
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

Eufora Touch Up Tinted Texturizing Dry Shampoo

Choose from Clear, Light, and Dark hair. Covers grays, absorbs oil and extends the life of your blow out by adding volume and texture. Priced at $29 each, that's 10% in holiday savings!
Good until Saturday, 31st of December, 2011
AVEDA Hair Salon Carlsbad Color Hair Cut

San Elijo Hills Expo

This year's San Elijo Hills Neighborhood Expo was held last Saturday, and Pistachio had the pleasure to attend and talk to some of the residents of the community, many of whom are Pistachio clients! We had a table with some of the products from our boutique, as well as some coupons for new clients and our own raffle. The raffle winners have won a free haircut at Pistachio, and we look forward to seeing them soon.
For those interested, we also have a new events page coming within the next few days that will be regularly updated with upcoming events happening at Pistachio.
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Eufora Global Connection 2011

Pistachio Hair Studio has been offering Eufora products since day one for a good reason, and just recently some of our stylists got to experience exactly what caught, and held our attention in the first place.
The Eufora Global Connection is an annual event, and this year's was held at the prestigious Hilton Marina San Diego Bay Front. Pistachio proudly participated, along with salon owners and top stylists from around the continent. Our very own Kristyn Otto was a smashing success on the main stage as she modeled some of the hair styles that were being taught and perfected by the Eufora Team.
This event was the perfect blend of valuable technical and business education and socialization, wrapped up by a (007 themed!) cocktail party. Kudos to Team Eufora!
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Pistachio participates in community boutique event

The Rancho Carrillo neighborhood had a community boutique event today, and Pistachio was there as well! We showed off some of our jewelry, handbags, dresses and other clothes, and some other picks from our boutique.
We saw many of our long time clients, as well as a couple of new people who were interested! It was a really great opportunity, and we hope to see everyone again! (A good place would be our upcoming Do It Yourself Class!)
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Do It Yourself Class on October 25th!

Please join us for an evening of fun and education at Pistachio's premiere "Do it Yourself" class! You will learn how to better manage your hair at home and how to stay in style during the upcoming holiday season, as well as in between your appointments.
Pistachio's expert stylists will be teaching blow dry, curling iron, and styling techniques. There will be a Q&A session followed by hands-on demonstrations while our stylists observe and offer advice. There will also have special discounts on styling tools, shampoo and conditioner for this event only!
There is no charge to attend, but space is limited. Register by completing this form.
Date: Tuesday, October 25th, 2010

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm


1691 Melrose Drive, Suite 110

San Marcos, CA 92078
Register here!
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Eufora's Powder Lift is in!

Trying to get big voluminous hair, but nothing seem to work? Powder Lift from Eufora is the answer! All you have to do is sprinkle a little just below the roots, shake your hair up, and wala! VOLUPTUOUS hair!
You can also use this product if you feel like your roots are getting a little greasy. All you need to do is sprinkle the product, and the powder will absorb the grease and make it look -  and feel - like you just did your hair!
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Fall 2011's must-have color trend: a touch of honey

This fall's color trend is all about soft warmth.
Blondes? Warm up your sun-drenched summer locks with a low maintenance honey blond hue. For brunettes, heat up your tresses with a few honey highlights around your face. Red heads should take advantage of splashes of warm, honey blonde to add depth and interest. For black and dark brown locks, consult with one our trusted colorists about the best honey shade for you.
As always, you can book your appointment online or by calling the salon at (760) 230 4880.
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Protecting your hair color

Fall is upon us! If you're switching your hair color to a darker shade, make sure you get the right products to protect it! Eufora's unique, patented color-locking formula will help to prevent your color from fading and turning gray, making sure that your hair will continue to look as good as the day it was done.
Talk to your stylist about the color locking formula before it starts to fade, and make sure you book your appointment in advance to avoid the holiday rush.
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The secret behind Gwyneth Paltrow's "straight edgy" look

The key ingredient to Gwyneth Paltrow's "straight edgy" Emmys look? Essential Oil - Learn how to do it yourself after the break:
The look was created by celebrity stylist David Babaii. David titled this look "straight edgy," defined by taking a straight look and disheveling it to create soft texture.
The key ingredient in this effortlessly glam, yet edgy look is Pequi Oil. We carry a similar oil by Davines called Oi Oil, which can be used to achieve this look by simply massaging the product into hair prior to blow drying, and when the hair is fully dry, straighten and gently scrunch the ends with a dab of oil on your fingertips. Scrunching gives the messy yet elegant look used to create Gwynths's look.
Looking to have a stylist show you how it's done? Book your appointment now in time to impress your friends for the holidays!
Image courtesy of 'Stuart Miles" / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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Flamboyage by Davines

Pistachio is looking forward to the introduction of the newest innovation in hair-color; Flamboyage by Davines.
Being seen all over the runway and  magazines, this innovative technique is the key to the natural, grown-out highlighted look that you've seen everywhere. It breaks the mold of the traditional color touch-up and highlight while maintaining a natural, stylish look.
If you're ready for a change, whether it's drastic or subtle, you can look forward to this breakthrough being introduced to the Pistachio team on November 14th. Make sure you prebook your appointment now so you don't miss out on having your hair done for the holidays!
P.S. Now is the time to start saving pictures of colors and cuts to influence your new 2012 look!
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New "skinny" jewelry in the boutique

Come check out our new "Skinny" jewelry by Jessica Elliot, now in the Pistachio Boutique! You can come see this, as well as other Fall specials in the store, and don't forget to book your hair appointment before the holiday rush!
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Pictures from the Chamber of Commerce Expo

Pistachio's participation at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Expo was an outstanding success! We had a ton of fun and really enjoyed the event!
Thanks for all Chamber members for stopping by our booth, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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Joann Villegas makes it to the semifinals of the World Style Contest!

Congratulations to Joann Villegas! She entered the Davines World Style Contest, and has made it to the semifinals! The top ten semifinalists get submitted to Italy! Wish her luck!
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Carlsbad Business Expo

Pistachio will be out at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce's Annual Business Expo this Monday, September 12th, at the La Costa Resort with our own booth. Drop by and say "hi" while some of our highly trained stylists give fashion advice and tips!
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Pistachio Anniversary Gifts – Come and Get it!

During the month of August, Pistachio Hair Studio is celebrating its one year anniversary. To show our appreciation to our valuable clients, we are offering complementary gift bags for the first 100 guests who make a purchase of $60 or more. Stop in and help us celebrate in style!
Offer ends August 31. 2011
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L'Oreal's Latest Summer Time Trends

It's time to get excited about the upcoming L'Oreal class! It will be held on Monday July 25th from 4pm until 6pm. We will be having two stylists hosting a mini hair show for us, Andrea Duggan and Lauren Jefferies. One will be demonstrating the latest L'Oreal hair cuts while the other will be demonstrating the latest in hair styling. Hope to see you there!
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During the month of JULY! $5 Bucks for you Bottles SPECIAL!!

Pistachio Hair Studio is having a bottle swap special. For every one bottle that you bring in, you will receive $5 off any Eufora or Davines hair care products.*
*Exchanged bottles must be half way full or more with product. Minimum exchange size of eight ounces for shampoos, ten ounces for

conditioners, and two ounces for styling products. Exchanges are good for Davines or Eufora products only and exclude like-kind exchanges

for these same brands. Offer expires July 31, 2011.
Stop into Pistachio and take advantage of this SPECIAL offer!
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Pistachio Hair Studio’s Father’s Day Special

Need a last minute Father’s Day gift?
Stop by Pistachio and receive 20% off our Hero men’s haircare line.
Sale starts Friday, 6/17/11.
Happy Fathers Day!
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From commercial to runway in the same day

Last Monday at Pistachio, Robear Landeros introduced 5 different looks from one head of hair. Robear is a world famous educator for Davines and has worked on numerous celebrity clients, including Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Christina Aguilera. The afternoon was based around a technique that Robear created to help his clients go from a basic style to a more avant garde look for weddings and other special events. He utilized many different techniques, including the possibility of extensions within an updo style. The class represented a progression from the awards party to the after party, and these are styles that are going to be see on the runway, both this season and for seasons to come!
Many of Pistachio's stylists came to this afternoon of learning and fashion, and Robear was excited to be a part of Pistachio's ongoing education. The Pistachio team is looking forward to using Robear's techniques to help make their clients look and feel fantastic, and would like to extend a huge set of thanks to the master stylist for the wonderful class.
You can see Robear and Pistachio's stylists in action here, you can book your next appointment here, and remember to subscribe to the blog to get updates on Pistachio's continuous education and special offers!
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Pistachio Contributes to Local Charity Event For Lucas’ Heart Transplant

Pistachio Hair Studio is proud to announce its participation in an upcoming charity event to help Lucas Valencia, 14. Lucas is in need of a heart transplant and local volunteers aim to raise $50,000 to help with his surgical expenses.
Lucas was born with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a year ago and family, friends and Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA) have since been working to raise the funds for Valencia’s surgery. The funds will pay for additional non-insurance covered expenses related to the transplant that will cost about $500,000.
To aid in this effort, Pistachio will be hosting its own charity drive by opening its doors on Sunday, May 22nd. The event will be offering hair services like cut and color applications, women’s and men’s hair cuts, as well as feather extensions. All proceeds will go towards Lucas’ transplant. The event will be held from 10:30am- 7pm on Sunday, May 22nd.
Moreover, 10% of proceeds from Pistachio Fashion Boutique’s sales for the day will also go towards Lucas’s fund. Mariah’s Restaurant as well as Hendo’s Pizza and Pint’s will be donating a percentage of sales for the day to Lucas transplant. The community is teaming up to help support this needed cause.
Come support a good cause and a boy who needs our community help. Please call Pistachio Hair Studio at 760.230.4880 to book your space.
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Pistachio Pre-Tea Fundraiser for Rancho Carrillo Elementary School

Pistachio Hair Studio and Fashion Boutique is proud to announce our premiere charity event to support Rancho Carrillo Elementary School in Carlsbad, California. Due to unexpected budget cuts, many local schools have been hit by the lack of funding.
To help bridge this gap, Pistachio Hair Studio is organizing a Pre- Tea Fundraiser Party for Rancho Carrillo Elementary. The team at Pistachio will be doing blow dry styles for only $30. All proceeds raised by the stylists at this event will go directly to the school to help fund the children’s activities and supplies. Pistachio Fashion Boutique is also donating a generous percentage of its boutique sales from the event to the school.

Come participate for a good cause and support your local community and school. The Pre- Tea Fundraiser event for Rancho Carrillo Elementary will be held Sunday May 15th from 9am - 12pm. Come check out what our professional and talented team have to offer. Refreshments will be served and space is limited, so please call and pre- book your appointment.
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Pistachio's Reception Wall gets a Facelift!

Just In! Pistachio’s Reception Wall Gets a Face lift
Come check out Pistachio Hair Studio’s new sign! This state of the art unique sign portrays Pistachio’s contemporary flare and style. The shears represent our dedication and commitment to our trade, as well as our cutting-edge services provided by our team of experienced stylists.
Come check out what Pistachio has to offer in the month of April!
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Sidewalk Sunday with Pistachio

San Elijo Hills is Hosting a “Sidewalk Sunday” Event and Pistachio Hair Studio will be participating with a booth. The event will be held in the Town Square of San Elijo Hills Community on Sunday March 13th from 10:30am - 1:30pm. The Town Square shops will be offering amazing deals during the event and over 30 local businesses will be displaying in the square.
There will be jumpies, face painting, and other activities. We will be handing out flyers and coupons, running a raffle for new client sign ups to win a free haircut, offering complimentary consultations, bang trims, men’s hair line trims, product sampling, and curling and styling demos. This is just another way that Pistachio can show its support for this important community and demonstrate our professionalism and uniqueness.
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Pistachio's 2010 Holiday Party

Click here to watch the video!
With the holiday season already in full swing, Pistachio decided to celebrate in style by hosting its own holiday party. With the salon looking like something out of a winter wonderland, guests were invited to come and enjoy an evening of fashion, hair care, and friends.
The salon opened at 6, and the night of fun began! Guests got haircare advice from Pistachio’s highly trained stylists, whom were demonstrating proper maintenance and styling techniques throughout the night. Stylists also answered questions about haircare, all in an effort to keep everyone’s hair looking as healthy and luxurious as possible for the holiday season.
It was exciting to see that many clients brought friends and family members, and, as a little reward for spreading the word, were treated to a prize raffle. Clients walked away with gift bags, hair care products, and even jewelry from Pistachio’s boutique!
Finally, near the end of the night, the lights dimmed, the music got louder, and the cameras started flashing; the fashion show began! As the models gracefully paced down the red carpet, they displayed their expertly-crafted hair and Pistachio’s new holiday collection.

At the end of the night there was a lot of excitement, and clients, both new and old, left with a better understanding of how to maintain and style their hair, a few gifts for their loved ones (and for themselves), and some great memories.
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Holiday Skincare Special

As the weather gets colder, it becomes more and more important that you take care of your skin. The cold weather can seriously damage your skin, leading to a dried out appearance. One of the most effective ways to keep your skin radiant and healthy is through regular skin care.
With this in mind, Pistachio is proud to offer a deep cleansing and extremely hydrating "Holiday Glow" facial. This special treatment will help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of winter, as well as provide a beautiful glow that's sure to impress your family and friends. Call ahead to book, and make sure your skin looks vibrant and healthy for the holidays!
Pistachio is currently offering a limited special discount to help you protect and take care of your skin. For the month of December, the signature “Holiday Glow” facial is only $60 for 50 minutes. That’s a savings of $25 off the regular price of $85! This holiday special is sure to be one of the best gifts you receive this season, so make sure you book early.
You can book appointments online, or by calling us at (760) 230 4880.
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Pistachio's Powerdose Party

Pistachio hosted its first Powerdose event, and the party was a big hit!
The L’Oreal Powerdose line is a series of powerful, rinse-out repair treatments with long lasting results that help to restore and prolong the color of the hair. It’s always a huge hit with stylists and clients alike. Available only at fine salons, Powerdose is a great treat for your hair. It can be added to any service, and is a surefire way to make your hair soft, shiny, and luxurious for that important meeting or special event.
Throughout the evening, Pistachio staff served wine and hors d’euvre, and the clients browsed Pistachio’s newly expanded boutique. Many of the clients found unique gifts for the holidays, and many others treated themselves to the fine merchandise available for sale. It was a pleasant surprise to see how many clients brought friends and how excited those friends were to be a part of the party.
By the end of the night everyone was very happy, and had the shiny, luxurious hair to prove it!
If you'd like to be notified of future events, you can follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Blog, and if you'd like to book an appointment you can do so online or by calling us at (760) 230-4880.
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‘Soft Opening’ a Success

Monday, Aug. 9 marked the first opening of Pistachio Hair Studio & Fashion Boutique. The event went quite smoothly, thanks to all the hard work, planning and cooperation of the team members.
Our deep gratitude must also go to our valued clients, both existing and new, and all the wonderful surrounding communities that have welcomed the new salon/day spa to their midst. Very pleasantly surprised, we're proud to report that nearly all our stylist/esthetician positions are as of this writing filled, and we're now building a waiting list for future openings
Further, the 'Small but Special' Pistachio boutique was very well received and its inventory virtually depleted! Certainly looks like folks in the area approve our taste in jewelry, clothing and other fine merchandise. Not to worry, though: Our buyers are now busy restocking the shop with the latest offerings for the fall season.
Please stay tuned for news about our Grand Opening soon.
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The Home Stretch

With less than a week remaining to Pistachio's first opening on Monday, Aug. 9, the salon project has exceeded our expectations in almost every aspect.
After numerous presentations and interviews, an impressive initial team of stylists, estheticians and receptionists has been assembled to kick off 'Pistachio' in grand style. More of these specialists will be brought onboard in the weeks and months ahead. Even a professional fashion buyer/consultant has been retained to set up our 'small but special' boutique, and to ensure that it performs as a productive and fun element of the new salon.
The studio itself has also come together nicely, with all the colors, materials and hardware converging to create the clean, uplifting ambiance envisioned in our original designs. The fact that the salon was finished on time, we're told, is an unheard-of phenomenon in the region's construction business!
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Working Fast

Construction work at our conveniently located salon at Melrose Plaza is running ahead of schedule, we're happy to report. The sub-floor infrastructure is all done and drywall is up nearly everywhere. Next on the to-do list are the electrical, lighting and sound systems to be followed by elaborate furnishings and decor.
An outwardly indication of this brisk rate of progress is the installation of our main sign on one of the shopping center's prominent towers. Pistachio's branding effort is aided immensely by this eye-catching display created by Western Sign Systems of San Marcos.
Furthermore, Pistachio management has leased office space at a nearby building (1740 La Costa Meadows Dr.). The facility is equipped with a convenient conference room for private meetings.
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Recruitment Drive Kicks Off

Moving rapidly toward our first opening in early August, we have begun processing applications for various positions: Stylists desiring booth-rentals or commission arrangements, estheticians, stylist assistants and support staff.
Interested individuals can [apply online] and prequalify to attend our upcoming series of recruitment presentations. You will learn more about all that Pistachio has to offer and review our limited-time special programs for joining the Pistachio team
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Starting From Scratch

We're delighted to bring you the very first glance at Pistachio's purpose-built hair and skin studio. The clean-sheet design is now underway by construction crews headed by Dave Norman of Beach City Builders. As can be seen, the generous floor space (2,400 sq. ft.) is matched by high ceilings to create an airy and uplifting work environment.
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