How to style your hair this Summer!!

There’s nothing simpler and cleaner than putting your hair in a classic bun for the summer. Try a relaxed chignon for that cute effortless, casual look.
This summer bun is one of our favorites so you can be pool and barbecue-ready this weekend!
Tip: You can make it as exaggerated as you'd like, depending on how much you tease.
Loose bun (best for dry hair):
- Put hair in a high ponytail.
- Tease the ponytail.
- Gather hair and start wrapping around elastic and then pin in place.
Tight bun (best for wet hair):
- Put wet hair in a ponytail at the mid-head or at the low part of neck.
- Wrap wet hair around elastic.
- Pin into place.
*pic courtesy of prettydesigns

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