San Diego’s only haircutter for children with autism and other special needs announced that she’ll be joining the Bols v. Newsom lawsuit, to overturn the governor’s order that salons must do their work outdoors.

Amy Mullins-Boychak is the owner of THAIRapy hair salon. She claims that Governor Gavin Newsom’s guidelines, allowing only outdoor hair salons, would threaten the safety and well-being of her clients.

“Children of this community are of an extremely different level in society,” Mullins-Boychak said. “In order for them to function in what they only know as ‘normal,’ they must have routine and consistency in their lives and in their schedules.

“Any disruption causes such an escalated level of anxiety and a severe and/or dangerous level of dysfunction, aggressive behavior, abandonment and regression. It is absolutely cruel and inhumane to put any individual in this position, dilemma and distress.”

Serving her clients outdoors would put her in a parking lot near traffic. Mullins-Boychak said that creates the danger that her young clients might flee, due to stress and anxiety.

“I have close to a thousand square feet to myself. There’s no reason that I should not be able to operate indoors because that’s the only way that my clients are safe,” Mullins-Boychak said.

She alone serves about 20 clients per day, and only one client at a time. Mullins-Boychak said that the guidelines imposed on salons have caused her to lose $25,000 so far.

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