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AVACEN Medical Announces Autism Clinical Trial

AVACEN Medical Announces Autism Clinical Trial

\”Study enrollees will be aged 6 to 16 and selected from military families located in the San Diego area.

Thomas G Muehlbauer, CEO of AVACEN Medical stated, \’We will be donating an AVACEN 100 to each family completing the study. If the child does not respond, our device can still offer benefits for each family member or their grandparents.\’

Relief from autistic behavior has been reported by parents who purchased the AVACEN 100 for themselves and then had their child use it for 15 to 30 minutes, 1 or 2 times daily. Improvements ranged from having their child\’s speech impediments quickly disappear to increased classroom participation and focus, accompanied by enthusiastic homework completion. These encouraging developments have also been accompanied by school grades rising from D\’s to A\’s and B\’s in a matter of months.\”

Click the following link to read more of Brad Bennett\’s article- http://dailytelescope.com/…/avacen-medical-announces-…/39058

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