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Some restrictions apply. To ensure the quality and consistency of our services, guests must not exceed 40 grams of color product, with overages incurring additional charges. The maximum allowed grow-out period is 6 weeks, and processing time is limited to 30 minutes. In order to be eligible to enroll, guests must have received services at Pistachio within the last 3 months. Memberships are non-transferable, intended for individual use only. Guests can cancel their membership at any time. These rules are in place to maintain service quality, and we reserve the right to amend them as necessary. If you have questions, please contact our team.

What is the Color Express Membership Program?

Pistachio’s Color Express Memberships provide a convenient choice for preserving your professional hair color, while minimizing your time spent at the salon. Choose to have our Pistachio Color Express Stylists expertly apply your color in the salon, or have the flexibility to replicate your touch-up in the comfort of your own home.

Who is eligible?

The Color Express Membership is available to current Pistachio guests, using the exact root touch-up color formula from your most recent service. Memberships are designed for guests who consistently maintain their hair color every 3 to 6 weeks. Not sure if it’s right for you? Our team would be happy to help determine if this program is suitable for your needs.

How does is work?

Home Color Express – $60/month
Pistachio will provide the exact formulated hair color from your last color service and the necessary tools and instructions to help you self-apply a root touch-up service in the convenience of your home.
What’s Inside?
  • Your Personal Color Formula
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Application Brush, Gloves, Cape, and Cap
  • Conditioning Shine Treatment
Salon Color Express – $70/month
Once every 6 weeks, a Pistachio Color Express Stylist will apply your customized formula, allow it to process, shampoo and condition your hair, and send you off with ease
Salon Color Express Pro – $140/month
Enjoy the benefits of the Salon Color Express Membership every 3 weeks! In addition, you’ll have the option to leave with wet hair or enhance your experience with a blow-dry and styling upgrade.

How do I get started?

Pistachio’s Salon Coordinators are happy to assist you with enrolling in a Color Express Membership. A consultation may be required to determine your candidacy for this program. Please note, as with all our services, pricing may vary depending on the amount of product needed to achieve complete root coverage, which can be influenced by factors such as hair length, density, and the amount of new growth.

Exclusive Online Booking

Members have the advantage of utilizing our exclusive online booking feature. Once your Color Express Membership is established, you will be automatically enrolled in our online booking system. This means that you have the option to schedule your appointments from anywhere and at any time, all at your own convenience. Click the button below to set up your next Color Express service!

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