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Cope, Study, and Cure

Cope, Study, and Cure

When I moved to San Diego some 15 years ago, a few of my clients shared their trials and tribulations with autism. While I was concerned, I had just married and didn’t really believe that such an illness would ever affect my family. Today, as a parent of an autistic child, I have a story of my own to tell and can certainly empathize with anyone who has faced the same ordeal.

Like many others, our journey has been rough and is ongoing. It’s hard   not to blame yourself for being somehow responsible and not taking enough precautions. After all, if I had only heeded the advice of these very clients, we may have had a very different destiny.

Alas, we have learned to cope and take pride in our small victories on this long and arduous road. From seeking out the best medical specialists, therapists and mentors, down to perfecting the right mix of vitamins, the quest for solutions is never ending. What most people don’t realize is that despite the pervasiveness of autism, there is mass confusion out there among parents, even doctors. What is commonly felt is a desperate need for a clear road-map on how to deal with the many aspects of this affliction.

For our part, Pistachio has resolved to make a difference, starting in 2014. San Diego is home to several foundations, the world-acclaimed Autism Discovery Institute at Rady Children’s Hospital and many medical professionals that face this disease head-on every day. Our goal is to sponsor an on-going fundraising campaign to help local and national institutions raise awareness about this malady, study it and finally cure it. Hopefully one day, we can even preempt it.

It is with these challenges ahead that we ask for your support today, to aid us in a necessary battle against the scourge of autism. Thank you in advance for your kind generosity.

Lucy Hatefi
Pistachio Hair Studio & Fashion Boutique

Pistachio is Dedicated to the Fight for Autism 

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