Illuminate and frame the face with haircolor contouring using Aveda’s Eclipting color service, where an interplay of shadow and light is personalized.
While using makeup for contouring the face has been at the beauty forefront in highlighting and shadowing facial features, Aveda is now debuting its Eclipting color service in its Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection, Folklôr. Eclipting keeps hair darker around the face to create a frame, while a dusting off fine weave foils on top creates a seamless blend of color and style. Like an eclipse reframes the sun and the moon, the Eclipting haircolor technique uses Aveda haircolor to customize for any color, cut and lifestyle.
“Facial features are key considerations when it comes to haircolor,” says Ian Michael Black, Aveda global artistic director, hair color. “We’re using haircolor to create subtle shading placed under a fringe and around the face to gently contour the guest’s natural and distinct beauty. The result is customized haircolor that serves a purpose of emphasizing and celebrating the guest’s individual beauty.”
“Foklôr is the celebration of stories that are represented globally and translated down to a local level through folktales and a yearning to live life to the fullest,” says Antoinette Beenders, Aveda global creative director. “With modern cuts and colors to inspire, these looks are about being free and a student of culture with the desire to keep growing and exploring, while remaining mindful of our traditions of the past.”
The cuts of Folklôr feature a twist-and-cut technique that allows for silhouettes to have a more natural-looking appearance with chunkiness and texture. Sections are twisted as they’re cut, replicating the natural texture and free movement of traditional fibers and fabrics.
“Hair of today is all about a natural moveable texture with a bit of a raw edge,” says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda global artistic director, hair cutting. “With this twist-and-cut technique I twist sections before slide-cutting downward to enhance hair’s natural texture. It keeps the hair from looking overly polished.”
The makeup palette includes satiny sheens of textured gold and silver, and richly matted purples and greens.
“This collection is a gorgeous tapestry of texture and vivid hues with customized application,” says Janell Geason, Aveda global artistic director, makeup. “Folklôr tells the story of an artistic bohemian who’s lived a rich life and must pass on her wise stories as she travels throughout the world on her artistic journeys. This wisdom is seen through the eyes which are played up with texture and shades for looks that smolder.”

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