“After her nephew was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, neuroscientist Leanne Chukoskie immersed herself in the subject, and changed her research focus to helping those with the diagnosis.

“When I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute, I had a family member diagnosed with autism,” Chukoskie said. “My family came to me; everyone’s asking ‘What is this, what should we do?’ and it wasn’t what I studied.”

Chukoskie is now the associate director of UCSD’s Research for Autism and Development Lab (RADLab). She applies eye movement research to ASD and develops attention-training video games for those on the spectrum.

“We have moved from a focus on measuring different aspects of perception and attention and movements in individuals on the spectrum to try to take what we’ve learned and intervene,” Chukoskie said.”

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