No one is exempt from a bad hair day and for all your efforts, it may not even be within your control. Whether you’ve got virgin hair or it’s been chemically processed to death, your mane is guaranteed to change its texture—be it from straight to wavy to curly or the other way around—as many as seven times throughout your life….
Hormones. This is probably the #1 culprit people point their fingers at for any hair woes—and for good reason. If you notice any drastic changes, you might want to see a doctor.
Health & Diet. A poor diet does a lot more than just go to your gut—it affects your skin and hair, too. To be its healthiest, your mane needs zinc, biotin, iron, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids found in hair-friendly foods including salmon, dark leafy greens like spinach and kale, eggs, avocados, and oysters.
Aging. This one shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing as we’re familiar with aging’s affects on our skin. As we grow older, the oil glands on our scalp produce less sebum, resulting in coarser-feeling hair. And once you hit your forties, you can pretty much expect your mane to appear thinner and less voluminous.
Medication. Anything you put in your body has an impact on how it operates, but that’s especially true for medication—even commonly used ones like painkillers, acne treatments, beta blockers, and prescriptions for depression and blood pressure.
Chemical Treatments. Unlike the aforementioned causes, you have the most control over this one—but be warned that even standard chemical treatments such as bleaching, coloring, and perming come with unanticipated side effects. Chemical color treatments can vastly change your hair’s structure since anything that opens the hair cuticle without resealing it leaves your texture susceptible to change. A finishing glaze or gloss treatment can help with that last step, as well as using frizz-fighting hair products with silicone.
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