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Autism Society SD to Exhibit at Cut-a-Thon

Autism Society SD to Exhibit at Cut-a-Thon


We\’re proud to announce that the Autism Society of San Diego will be exhibiting at Pistachio\’s Autism Awareness Cut-a-Thon on Sunday, April 17, 2016. Amy Munera, Director of Autism Society of SD will be available at our Autism Awareness booth to meet with visitors and offer lots of resources and materials.

Autism Society San Diego serves as the voice and resource of the local autism community. Society members include autistic individuals and their parents, relatives, friends, advocates, medical professionals and educators throughout San Diego County and beyond. ​As an affiliate of the national organization, the Autism Society of America, we share in their mission of improving the lives of all affected by autism by promoting meaningful participation and self-determination for autistic individuals and their families. Our organization is a volunteer run non profit that puts on county wide programs and events benefiting individuals with autism and their families here in San Diego County. We offer six different support groups every month, sponsor two summer camps – Camp I CAN and Surf Camp for Persons with Autism – each summer, provide scholarships for camps and conferences and free, monthly family fun events every month, to name a few of our many activities. Most of our programs are free or very low cost. We truly need and appreciate the support of our community as we strive to improve the lives of all affected by autism.


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