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A New Look! A New You! How to refresh your look for the summer

A New Look! A New You! How to refresh your look for the summer


Need a change and can’t quite figure out what the new hairstyle should be? This doesn’t need to be a tricky decision. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind on your next visit to Pistachio:

  1. If your hair is dry and split at the ends, then cut it! Healthy hair is much more radiant than long wispy hair.
  2. Just as fashion evolves, your hair style should too. Don’t be afraid to make a change. Remember that even the smallest change will make a statement and show everyone a new you!
  3. Refresh your locks with our clarifying conditioning treatment followed by a gloss that is tailor-made for your hair color. Adding a gloss to your normal salon visit routine will restore your hair’s shimmer and shine and locks in the color.
  4. With the summer months upon us, you feel lighter, brighter and happier. Why not incorporate that great feeling into your hair? Adding a touch of subtle, golden sun kissed highlights are the perfect way to summerize your hair.

Always consult with your hairstylist the about the statement you’re trying to make with your hair, and rest assured that your stylist is a professional designer who is taking into consideration all the key features to create the perfect new look for you.


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