Pistachio Cut & Color Bar

The Home Stretch

The Home Stretch


With less than a week remaining to Pistachio\’s first opening on Monday, Aug. 9, the salon project has exceeded our expectations in almost every aspect.

After numerous presentations and interviews, an impressive initial team of stylists, estheticians and receptionists has been assembled to kick off \’Pistachio\’ in grand style. More of these specialists will be brought onboard in the weeks and months ahead. Even a professional fashion buyer/consultant has been retained to set up our \’small but special\’ boutique, and to ensure that it performs as a productive and fun element of the new salon.

The studio itself has also come together nicely, with all the colors, materials and hardware converging to create the clean, uplifting ambiance envisioned in our original designs. The fact that the salon was finished on time, we\’re told, is an unheard-of phenomenon in the region\’s construction business!


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