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Feeling a little Frizzy?

Feeling a little Frizzy?


The secret to being able to achieve hairstyle that you’re re-creating from your favorite tutorial is being able to manage it. No unwanted frizz here!

Our treatments at Pistachio do wonders to restore manageability, which is necessary to easily maintain your favorite summer ‘dos. Our Powercell treatment, starting at $25, combines moisture and protein to smooth out your hair for up to thirty days.

Pistachio Pointer: For most San Diegan’s who live in close proximity to the coast, we recommend going for smoothing products to beat that extra bit of humidity. Follow up our smoothing treatments at home to continue their benefits with Davines’ Dede leave in conditioner, Davines’ Momo serum, and Davines’ anti-frizz oil. This is our favorite combination for this time of year to replenish frizzy or stressed hair with vital nutrients and moisturizers. After spraying and combing the Dede conditioner through your hair, combine a nickel size of the Momo protective fluid with a pump of the Oil and work through hair before blow-drying. For a more permanent treatment, we offer a Keratin smoothing treatment that lasts for three to six months.

Note: Davine’ Dede is a phenomenal product that incorporates elder extract, which keeps the lipids in the hair retaining water and exuding that glowing smoothness and shine.

For more information on our range of treatments and products, give us a call at (760) 230-4880 to speak with a specialist or come in for a free consultation to get the proper prescription for your hair.



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