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Your hair needs nutrients too!

Your hair needs nutrients too!


You’ve spent the summer taking advantage of the fresh summer fruit; why not replenish your hair with the same vitamins and minerals?

After spending time enjoying the marvelous midsummer sun and those cool dips in the pool, chances are that your hair is thirsting for some ‘me’ time. Give both your hair and scalp the chance to soak up the necessary nutrients with our Vitamin C Clarifying treatment and our Swimmer’s treatment. These treatments not only remove the mineral buildup caused by those evening swims, but instantly hydrate and restore shine. The lactic acid restores cellular cohesion and is used to repair damaged hair fibers.

Treatments range from $35-$55. Our specialists are here to assess your hair and prescribe the right treatment based on your needs. Call us at (760)-230-4880 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation today!



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